Friday, July 6, 2012

As Canadian as apple pie

The subheadline of the article ("Elliot Lake prepares for mall collapse victim's funeral" on CBC News online on July 3, 2012) identifies the victim as Doloris Perizzolo. But,

the first mention of her in the article has her last name as Perrizolo. Also, note the non-Canadian spelling of Center (as opposed to Centre) on a Canadian news site (CBC = Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) while identifying a Canadian mall. Then,

the two-R, one-Z Perrizolo spelling is repeated two sentences later, but

in the article's next two sentences, it is now the one-R, two-Z spelling that we saw in the subheadline. Then,

in the article's photo caption, her name is again consistent with the subheadline, and we now see the Canadian spelling of Centre. Then,

a collection of related articles on the sidebar has a heading that includes the non-Canadian spelling. Then,

wanting to make sure it is indeed Algo Centre Mall, I went to the mall's own website. I took note of the spelling of the web address - - and the logo, seen above, that is featured prominently in the top left corner of the homepage. However,

in the bottom left corner of that same homepage, there's this. Click an image to enlarge it.

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