Thursday, June 24, 2010

bests record by more than six hours; Wimbleon; The fifth set set

The screen capture seen above is from the Yahoo! Canada homepage on June 23, 2010. A tennis match that is "more than six hours" longer than the previous longest match? Even if I wasn't a tennis fan, I would've clicked to the article ("Isner and Mahut deadlocked at 59-59 in historic Wimbledon tilt" on Yahoo! Canada Sports on June 23, 2010) to read more. But, after I did,

I learned that at the time of the article's writing the current match was actually three hours and 25 minutes longer than the previous record. Still impressive, just very different from what Yahoo!'s homepage declared. (The match ended today after a total of 11 hours and five minutes of actual playing time, spanning three days.)

Elsewhere in the article, Wimbledon looks silly without its D,

and the writer suggests that the fifth set should be repeated. Or he just didn't proofread. Click an image to enlarge it.

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