Friday, July 30, 2010

her biten arm

This is from "Canadian is lucky to be alive" in today's 24H Vancouver. Yet another nonexistent word for this daily newspaper.


While the Yahoo! Canada homepage used an apostrophe to form the plural on July 29, 2010, the article being linked to has the plural written as ATMs.

I wonder if this consistent misspelling will ever be fixed. From the classifieds section in 24H Vancouver on July 26, 2010.

confirmed that he was was unlikely to play

The writer of "Yao retiring?" in 24H Vancouver on July 28, 2010, must have confirmed that he was was unlikely to proofread. I wonder if he is also wrote this, from the same newspaper on the same day.

William Eliott; Elliot

Angry readers - or maybe they're just amused - have spotted two big errors regarding William Eliott's (or is it William Elliot's?) last name in just one day. In fact, in just one minute. On July 28, 2010, the Yahoo! Canada homepage featured two different spellings of William's last name - displayed mere inches from each other - and they are both wrong! His last name is Elliott. Click the image to enlarge it.

"You're Body is a Wonderland,"

You are body is a wonderland - that is beautiful stuff. This article ("Smoke ban on the water (kudos & kvetches)" in The Vancouver Courier on July 28, 2010) could have used a ban on homophonic errors. Or perhaps a lifting of the ban on proofreading.

into the the young child and her aunt

Can you see the the extra word in "Family lives with 'dire consequences'" in 24H Vancouver on July 28, 2010?

From the classifieds section in 24H Vancouver on July 23, 2010. This misspelling (of their own classifieds website!) is nothing new.

Canadian city No. 2 on list of World's happiest places

From the Yahoo! Canada homepage on July 27, 2010. World became world later that day.

Whysall said, seeking a complete acquittal for his client, argued.

Is there any justification for this nonsense from "Crotch grab a lie, says Crown" in 24H Vancouver on July 27, 2010?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking for a carreer

I think the people at LaSalle College International who are responsible for this advertisement in today's 24H Vancouver should be looking for a proofreader. Or at least someone who can use a spell checker, which would've caught the nonexistent word carreer. Something they might want to keep in mind the next time they have an ad on the top of the front page of a newspaper. Also, shouldn't there be a question mark? Or is the ad stating that the college is looking for a career in fashion merchandising?

A Vancouver police officer noticed an man

Do you think that same police officer would have noticed that an man should be a man in "DTES stabbing" in today's 24H Vancouver?

CEO David Kahn; Khan was watching

I don't know if David's last name is Kahn or Khan, and it appears the writer of "App helps police track stolen iPhone fast" on Yahoo! Canada News on July 23, 2010, doesn't either.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Surrey Mayor Diane Watts

Don't believe what you may have read on CityTV's Breakfast Television yesterday - the actual mayor of Surrey is Dianne Watts.

festivities kick off earlier this week

The writers at 24H Vancouver regularly make simple writing look hard. You see, if the festivities were starting in the future, one could write festivities kick off later this week, but in this case festivities kicked off earlier this week. From "Head down to the Shore Saturday" in today's paper.

allows banners to refund the bottles they collect; Ishtag

I suppose proofreaders weren't allowed access to this article ("Vancouver police to respond to clip of cop shoving Downtown Eastside woman (with video)" on Yahoo! Canada News on July 23, 2010), otherwise banners would surely have been replaced with binners.

What's there to say when a professional writer correctly spells someone's name and then misspells that same name in the same sentence? Click the images to enlarge them.

Warning: sex may suddenly appear in inappropriate places in 24H Vancouver. It can't be stopped. Reader discretion is advised. From the classifieds section on July 21, 2010; the third S should be destroyed.

Eric McCormack is as the ruthless Ricky Roma

This is from the theatre teaser on the front page of 24H Vancouver on July 22, 2010. I don't get it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Don't all celebrities had armies of minions; in rentwood, Los Angeles

Don't all professional writers have armies of proofreaders and editors to fix errors for them? Judging by "D.I.Y." in today's 24H Vancouver, apparently not.

I think rentwood should be Brentwood. What do you think?

"The more vocabulary a singer has, they more they bring that into a show."

The first they should be the. From "Song doesn't remain the same in latest TheatreSports undertaking" in The Vancouver Courier on July 16, 2010. That's one for a proofreader, not a spell checker.

You could say he doesn't give a (your word here.); They just could get (your choice of words here.)

I have a problem with "Mayor's political content, not f-bombs, the problem" in The Vancouver Courier on July 16, 2010. The writer doesn't seem to know that the period needs to go after the closing parenthesis. (It's different if the entire sentence is within the parentheses.) Later in the article,

the writer makes the exact same error. Get your ringtone of Mayor Gregor Robertson swearing by visiting this Georgia Straight webpage.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Borat would like all the sexy times that are being featured in the classifieds section in 24H Vancouver. But Borat would get upset that the sexy times are fake; the S in sex doesn't belong. This time it's from yesterday's paper.

expected to be pass unanimously

It should be either expected to be passed unanimously or expected to pass unanimously. From "Pot ban" in Pitt in today's 24H Vancouver.

(Tip: no).

Is there a way to improve the above paragraph, from "Mindless cup stunt desecrates football" in today's 24H Vancouver? (Tip: put the period inside the closing parenthesis.)

screaming the superheroes name

From yesterday's Yahoo! Canada homepage, the writer responsible for the above text clearly doesn't have super spelling and grammar skills. Superheroes should be superhero's.

"He said, 'You have macular dystrophy. ... You could go blind in the next year. Or, you might not."

The writer of "Glenn Beck: Doc says eye disease could blind me" on Yahoo! Canada News on July 20, 2010, might be blind. Or, he just needs to proofread. Either way, there's a missing single closing quotation mark and it needs to go right before the double closing quotation mark.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The folks in charge of "Yesterday's poll" in 24H Vancouver seem to have replaced their colour-swapping errors with mathematical errors. While it's been a record amount of time since a colour swap (or at least feels that way), today is the second time in eight days that the percentages add up to 101%.

Lil' Kim and Carmen Electra step put

From the Yahoo! Canada homepage on July 19, 2010, did Lil' Kim and Carmen Electra stay put or step out?

'Well, where does driving to the gas station without a seat belt fit on your 'stupid line?'

I'd like to ask the writer (of "Risks are part of being young" in today's 24H Vancouver), 'where is the missing closing quotation mark?' Also, why did you put the question mark inside the single closing quotation mark? In fact, sticking a single closing quotation mark immediately in front of the question mark would solve both errors.

Next month; 2010 Oregon Brewer's Festival runs from July 22 to 25

July 22-25 is next month, eh? This is from "Heaven for a beer drinker" in today's 24H Vancouver, two days before the festival (which is actually apostrophe-free Oregon Brewers Festival) starts.

Just another sex-related misspelling from the classifieds section in 24H Vancouver. From July 19, 2010.

while your wearing a mic

Perhaps this writer (of "An open letter to effin' Mayor Robertson (kudos & kvetches)" in The Vancouver Courier on July 14, 2010) should show readers some effin' respect and not write your when it should be you're.

Expires May 31/2010

It appears to be a deal that anyone can take advantage of, but can you tell what the catch is in this VelaShape Vancouver advertisement in The Georgia Straight on July 8, 2010?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Klaschka the hospital

I wonder how the spokeswoman for Misericordia Health Centre feels about being referred to as a hospital. From "Millions go missing from hospital ATM" on Yahoo! Canada News on July 19, 2010.


I offer this Dunbar Spinal Decompression advertisement in today's 24H Vancouver a complimentary T to correctly spell consultation.

Sex sex sex. I think that's what the people in charge of the classifieds section in 24H Vancouver want you to think of over and over again. Never mind that the third S is going to prevent you from arriving at the actual online classifieds. From July 16, 2010.

Laura Balance

What the L? From "Shirts versus skins" in today's 24H Vancouver, her name is actually Laura Ballance. Perhaps it's just a typo.

The man nearly ran, but instead just stood in one place on the field and drank his beer. It'd be better - and actually express what the writer wants to express - if nearly was after ran.

Oh. The two other times Laura's last name is written, it's also as Balance and not Ballance. Not a typo. It seems that the first misspelling wasn't a typo after all.

tries to manuver

This writer (of "B.C. needs to improve" in today's 24H Vancouver) needs to try harder when it comes to spelling maneuver.

the negative and destabilizing affect

What effect does the affect/effect error by this writer (of "Our beavers are lethal!" in today's 24H Vancouver) have on her credibility?

Friday, July 16, 2010

ON SCHEDULE MAINTANENCE; any schedule maintance; July 31th

This is from a Richmond Subaru advertisement found in 24H Vancouver on July 16, 2010. Maintanence is a nice try, but it's maintenance. It's clear they didn't even try with maintance. I would think that both cases of schedule should be scheduled. Finally, the cherry on top: July 31th (July thirty-firth?) should be July 31st. There are 10 coupons in the ad and they all expire on July 31th, 2010.

an 9-month-old child; what you did you me

The word nine does not begin with a vowel sound, so an should be a in "Tape No. 5: Mel continues rant with expletives" in today's 24H Vancouver. Also,

I have to go with my gut here and believe that it's the writer's hands and not Mel's lips that are responsible for what you did you me. Change the second you to to and then the readers won't be left shaking their heads.


The writer's lips are sealed when it comes to Ellen's last name in "Ellen's lips unsealed" in today's 24H Vancouver. Mine aren't: it's Page.


This is from a Pallucci Furniture advertisement on the front page of today's 24H Vancouver. Next time, omit the apostrophe.


The L is missing from Trafalgars - the subject of the freakin' article - in "Dessert is a dirty word" in today's 24H Vancouver. Perhaps there are other thoughts on the writer's mind that are preventing her from proofreading.