Tuesday, July 3, 2012

24 hours Vancouverrors - June 2012

I don't read 24 hours Vancouver nearly as much as I used to. On breaks at work, there are usually several copies of that day's edition and I may or may not browse through one of them. When I do choose to browse, there are often errors to be found, so it seems nothing much has changed from years back when that rag was my main source of postings here. Here are some errors I noticed during June 2012. On June 25 there was a ridiculous factual error in a photo caption (from the article "Cyclists pedal against mentall illness stigma"). Does a campaign named Hide Don't Ride make sense when it's raising awareness for mental wellness? No? Well,

that's because the campaign's name - written correctly in the article itself- is actually Ride Don't Hide. Then,

on June 27 another dumb photo caption (from "Bike-share challenges grow"). Shertaon should have been Sheraton, and the second occurrence of of the should not be there. Then,

also on June 27, this, ummm... question(?) makes my head hurt. From "Buying fame 15 minutes at a time". Click an image to enlarge it.

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