Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It's an article ("Is keeping Schneider and trading Luongo the best approach for the Canucks?" on The Georgia Straight online on June 30, 2012) about whether or not the Canucks should trade their number-one goaltender, Roberto Luongo. In the second paragraph, seen above, Luongo has his last name misspelled on its first appearance, followed closely by the correct spelling. However,

from that paragraph through to the article's end, Luongo's last name is written six times,

and it is misspelled all six times! Seriously! Seven of the eight times his last name is in the entire article - an article in which he is a main subject - his last name is misspelled!

Including twice each in the article's final two paragraphs. It should be noted that The Georgia Straight is a Vancouver, B.C., publication and that Vancouver is home to the Vancouver Canucks, the team Roberto Loungo Luongo currently plays for. Click an image to enlarge it.


Bogdan Zaliskiy said...

Yes there is trully some mistakes made

Олег Кієнко said...

Wow, I'm a lefty too and i dont know if all that it true but still WOW! i never knew all those ppl wer leftys cuz i aint american so yea.look at my profile but still, nice work n u shudna put the jealousy part.... just sayin......