Friday, October 7, 2011

Yahoooooooooooooooooooooo! September 2011

It's time for a summary of all the goofs that were featured on the Yahoo! Canada homepage during September 2011. First, on September 4, Yahoo! claimed that it wasn't a murder suspect that was travelling through Canada - it was the murder itself that was on the move west. Then,

on September 7, a misspelling of New Delhi was on display. Next,

there was a misspelling of graffitis on September 9. A nonword on your homepage? Ridiculous. Then,

on September 14 there was another nonword as officially was missing its second I. Reeediculous. Then,

I had no idea what this was supposed to mean on September 15. So I didn't click it. Then,

on September 16, for both anger and ire the preceding word should have been women's. The apostrophe in that word never goes after the S. I also don't agree with the hyphen in Taser-use. And do you see J.C. Penney up there? Well,

in the article ("Another controversial T-shirt hits the racks" on Yahoo! Canada Shine on September 15, 2011) there are no periods and only one E. Back to the homepage,

September 16 also saw a misspelling of Kate Middleton's last name. Proofreading is so boring. Then,

September 19 featured several errors. The top line is about Julianna Margulies. See how I put the L before the I in her last name? Yeah, that's the correct way of spelling it. The bottom line should have left Paltrow alone with no apostrophe-S, or anything else for that matter, added to her name. Then,

also on September 19, the word of should have been present between one and the. Then,

again on September 19, feisty got misspelled. Another nonword. Redonkulous. Then,

September 21 saw a truckload of errors. First, it's yet another nonword as player gets an extra E. Second,

it's sneak peek, Yahoo!, sneak frickin' peek. Third,

and fourth actually, a should be an (because easier begins with a vowel sound), and messier should be messy. Less messier? Please. Fifth,

this was a link to an article about Brad Pitt rescuing a woman while working on a film. The headline correctly has no apostrophe in rescues. Sixth (and lastly for the 21st),

I don't know how a writer can, in the same sentence, write both it's web store and its new venture. Hey, writer, please explain your thought process on that one. Then,

on September 23, can you see what's wrong with this spelling of Spartacus? If not, compare my spelling to Yahoo!'s spelling. Then,

on September 26 there was yet another nonword. The writers at Yahoo! no doubt consider themselves to be professional writers. That is a tragedy. Then,

on September 27, shows should have been show. Then,

there were two errors on display on September 28. First, Mad Men was undercapitalized. Second,

side should have been sides. I envy writers who get paid to write crap upon crap all wrapped in crap. Then,

on the final day of September, there was a they're that should have been their,

a comical misspelling of commercial, and a show that should have been shows. (Here's the article for that one.) That's it, that's all. Click an image to enlarge it.


Laura said...

omg. Looks like the Yahoo folks in Canada are as bad as those in the U.S. when it comes to writing.

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