Tuesday, September 8, 2009


For the past week or so, I kept seeing notices in Vancouver 24 hours that a new look to their newspaper was being developed and would be introduced September 8. Today is September 8 and the new look is here. The front cover of the first new-design edition is the full-page ad seen above. Well, the ad is actually two pages; it continues error-free on the subsequent page.

As you can see, the ad features an error that is more glaring than all those pesky paid advertisments combined. One would think that there'd be somebody - somebody - at either Virgin Radio or Vancouver 24 hours who knows that there is no such word as surveilance. If somebody gave that L a twin, which is required to spell surveillance correctly, then the newspaper and the radio station wouldn't look so silly. As it is, SURVEILANCE in a very large font size on the front page looks absolutely ridiculous.

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