Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yahooooooooooooo! June 2012

Woooo - it's time, it's time, it's time! Time to share in the humour and the tragedy that are the errors detected on the Yahoo! Canada homepage during June 2012. On June 1, either is should have been between man and of, or and should not have been present. Then,

on June 5 there was a piece of news that Yahoo! really wanted you to read. Then,

also on June 5, there was a nonword out in the open: targeted is the correct spelling. Then,

on June 9 there was a misspelling of Robert Pattinson's last name. If you think perhaps Yahoo! was referring to someone whose last name is Pattison,

here is another capture from the same day. This time his last name is correct, but I don't understand why with is capitalized. Then,

on June 14 you should have been your. Then,

on June 19 the error wasn't immediately obvious. The story intrigues me, though, so I clicked to the article,

so I clicked to the article ("Jerry Sandusky's defense bolstered by tape establishing police led an accuser's statement" on Yahoo! Canada Sports on June 19, 2012) where I first spotted this repeated word, before

reading this. The homepage claims it was a conversation between police and Victim No. 4, but the article claims the conversation was between police and Victim No. 4's attorney. Things that make you go hmmm. Later in the article,

this is something that was said to Victim No. 4 by his attorney. The your/you're error belongs wholly to the Yahoo! writer. Then,

back on the homepage, on June 21 laywers should have been lawyers. Then,

also on June 21, bulling should have been bullying. (The article's headline was exactly the same, but has since been corrected. However, the error lives on in the article's web address.) Then,

on June 22 the word of appeared three times in the above capture, but it should only have been twice -  the middle appearance is incorrect. Then,

on June 26 is should have been his. Also, that Seuss classic has an exclamation mark instead of a period. Then,

on June 28 shoe-in should have been shoo-in. Finally,

on June 30 recieves should have been receives. That's it from June 2012. Click an image to enlarge it.


Laura said...

Wow. Is it possible that Yahoo's writers are actually getting worse?

Anonymous said...

The final paragraph also includes an undercapitalized Morton Park and a case of missing closing essay writers quotation
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