Monday, August 1, 2011

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors

It is time, once again, for more errors detected on the CBC British Columbia homepage. First up, from July 19, 2011, MLAs should not have an apostrophe, and having both the dollar sign ($) and the word dollars in $14 million dollars is redundant. Then,

after clicking to the article ("B.C. MLA's ring up $14M in costs and expenses" on CBC News online on July 19, 2011), the headline has the same apostrophe abuse, and the first paragraph not only has same redundancy, it also has an extra word: of before according. Later in the article,

there needs to be a comma after Fraser-Nicola, and there shouldn't be a space after the dollar sign in $58,000. Also, opposition in both sentences should be capitalized. Then,

the article's final sentence is all kinds of funky. Is that really a direct quote? If so, couldn't it have been cleaned up a bit? Not changed, just edited for clarity by maybe omitting some words. But, based on the incorrect an parliamentary and the shortening of what should be recently, I doubt it is an actual quote - more likely it's the writer having problems. What a horrible way to end an article. Back to the homepage,

on July 20, 2011, this article teaser only makes sense if giving is a misspelling of given. Then,

on July 24, 2011, there was a misspelling of Saturday. Two days later,

on July 26, 2011, An B.C. should be A B.C., ("easy as 1, 2, 3, simple as do re mi") and,

after clicking to the article ("B.C.'s Avatar Grove needs park status, say environmentalists" on CBC News online on July 26, 2011), the opening sentence contains the same error. However, the photo caption above the opening sentence contains a couple of additional errors: dubed should be dubbed and knarliest should be gnarliest. All three errors - at the very start of the article! - were still present after the article was updated at least once. And fiiiiinally,

this teaser on July 27, 2011, (also word-for-word the first sentence in "Campbell River father arrested after son's death" on CBC News online on July 27, 2011) featured a screw-up of seven-year-old boy. Click an image to enlarge it.

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