Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When is an error not an error?

When is an error not an error? When it's a finger. More on that in a moment. The first error in this article ("Ashton Kutcher Hands Over Twitter Account to Management" on Yahoo! Canada OMG! on November 10, 2011) is the extra over. The first over, immediately preceding the quote, should be removed. Then,

the article ends with this monstrosity of a sentence. There is no reason for the colon to be there, but that's nothing compared to what the writer claims was pointed at Kutcher's face. An error? An error?! How can an error be pointed at someone's face? Okay, okay, so they meant arrow. That's a typing error, but whatever, right? Wrong, the photo that Kutcher tweeted is included at the top of the article and here it is:

That's no arrow, folks. That's a finger. A friggin' finger. Click an image to enlarge it.

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