Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Vancouver Courierrors

I have several errors - seven, if you want to be precise - to share with you from the pages of The Vancouver Courier. The first one (from "RAMP meeting (community briefs)" on June 22, 2011) is a homophonic one: peak should be peek. Then,

it's never too soon to proofread what you've written. From "Picks of the week" on June 24, 2011. Next,

the question mark should be after the closing quotation mark. From "Team Robertson maintains mind-boggling riot defence" on June 29, 2011. Then,

if Diallo Oballa is - as the article states - 11 years old, that means he was born in either 1999 or 2000. So how does the writer of this article ("Alomar dispenses wisdom to little leaguers" on June 29, 2011) figure that he was born nearly two decades after 1992 and 1993? He was born less than one decade after those seasons. Frickin' frack. Then,

in Canada, it's kilometres rather than kilometers. But no matter where you are in the world, you don't use both spellings, and you especially don't use both spellings in the same bloody sentence. From "Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes on Ride to Conquer Cancer" on July 1, 2011. Then,

and should be an in "Last week's poll question" on July 6, 2011. Finally,

were should not have an apostrophe. Those live sites we are a huge mistake makes no sense. From "Hidden camera captures riot talk in mayor's office" on July 6, 2011. Click an image to enlarge it.

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