Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"an my" - oh my

This is the very first sentence in "Man finds $26,000 in a safe he bought on eBay" on Yahoo! Canada News on February 18, 2012. The article was written by someone with the title of Associate Editor. Click the image to enlarge it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

This writer's number grade: F

Eric, writer of this article ("Dreamliner jet “draws” Boeing logo across North America" on Yahoo! Canada News on February 15, 2012), do you really think that 7 and 8 are letters? I would have to assume so, since that's what you wrote - twice. Oh, Eric. Click the image to enlarge it.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's usually -eur, except for when it's -uer

In this article, ("New Westminster man saves woman from house fire" on CBC News online on February 12, 2012), David's last name is written six times. It starts as Francoeur in the subheadline and

is also Francoeur in the article's second sentence. But, in the fourth sentence,

the U and E get swapped and his last name becomes Francouer. Then,

in the article's eighth sentence, it's back to the original spelling. However,

it's back to the altered spelling in the very next sentence. And finally,

in the 11th sentence, the final spelling is the original spelling. For the record, the spelling of his last name in the article's photo caption - which would be the seventh time written - is Francoeur. After doing some quick math here (2+2=5, carry the 1, multiply by pi), the last name is written five times as Francoeur and twice as Francouer. Also, it makes me think back to when Sports Illustrated made this same error almost four years ago, during this blog's pre-images era.

It's another annoying error

This is at the top of every email I receive from City Guru of City Chase. The most recent one was received on February 13, 2012. Either of an should be changed to you have or the second an should be removed. Click the image to enlarge it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yahoooooooooooooo! January 2012

Settle in folks, as it's time to review the errors detected on the Yahoo! Canada homepage during January 2012. After December's measly offering, Yahoo! started the new year back in regular form with a plethora of errors. First, from January 4, the word PlayBook should have mimicked BlackBerry's camel-case capitalization. Something you can easily see in the image Yahoo! provides above the text. Also, Yahoo! only got BlackBerry right half the time in the screen capture above - check out the word in the bottom right corner. Then,

later that same day, Yahoo! featured another undercapitalized camel-case capitalization. It should have been LeBron. Then,

on January 6, someone typed reign when it should have been rein. Gee whiz, if only that person had

simply copied and pasted the relevant words from the headline of the article ("Want True Happiness? Rein in the Buying: Consumer Expert" on Yahoo! Canada Finance on December 19, 2011). Then,

it should have been either lookalike or look-alike on January 8. Then,

later that same day, the the between boils and faster should not have been present. Then,

on January 17, off was missing an F. Then,

on January 18, there was a misspelling of Jim Balsillie's last name. Then,

it's another incorrect capitalization of BlackBerry - this time on January 20. Clicking that link

took me to this headline ("Analysis: Blackberry licensing seen RIM's likeliest scenario" on Yahoo! Canada Finance on January 20, 2012), which also featured an incorrect BlackBerry. As well, it seems as though that word as should be between seen and RIM's. Then,

also on January 20, Seattle should have been capitalized. Then,

also on January 20, allegations was misspelled. Then,

also on January 20, Yahoo! couldn't decide if it was Walmart or Wal-Mart, so went with both. Then,

on January 22, both Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie had their last names misspelled. Then,

the next day, their names were still mispelled. Finally,

on January 24 there were hyphens where there shouldn't have been any hyphens. It may be a 190-million-year-old site, but the site is 190 million years old. See the difference? Alrighty, that's all of Yahoo!'s errors from January! Click an image to enlarge it.

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors - January 2012

There were a few errors spotted on the CBC British Columbia homepage during January 2012. First up, from January 10, two very different spellings of the same highway. The headline version was correct. Then,

on January 19, there was a misspelling of between that resulted in a nonword. How embarrassing. Then,

after clicking to that article ("Winter storm warning issued for Metro Vancouver" on CBC News online on January 19, 2012), the first sentence had a couple of extra words in the first sentence. Then,

four sentences/paragraphs later in the article, the word to is missing from bewteen between expected and hit. Then,

on January 26 there was a subject/verb disagreement on the homepage - the boot (not the remains) is the subject, so have should be has. Finally,

also on January 26, there was an interesting - and utterly wrong - spelling of users. Click an image to enlarge it.