Friday, July 20, 2012

Errors in The Peep Diaries

The book The Peep Diaries by Hal Niedzviecki (ISBN 9780872864993) has a ridiculous amount of errors. Here are most of the ones I detected, but there could be are probably more.

P. 18: ... we show and tell all on our blog, our various "my pages," in the photos and videos we upload, on television, and anywhere where else we can think of.

P. 33: He couldn't keep up with the stream of hundreds of messages pouring in everyday.

P. 50: But in truth, rather then one replacing the other, all three categories can and do exist at the same time.

P. 82: "Uh," the ninth grader wants to know. "Is The Hills real?"

P. 94: ... that is "far more interesting, far more compelling purely as entertainment" then anything we could ever make up.

P. 101: Again, the personality types you're looking for are larger then life...

P. 103: Starring William and Pat Loud, along with their five children, the series featured son Lance coming out of the closet and his parent's apparent refusal to acknowledge that he was gay.

P. 112: I'm funny, a little awkward, okay-looking in a yes-that's-my-paunch kind if way.

P. 126: The Gargoyle has it's own mini-confession Web site ...

P. 129: One of these systems is Twitter, the social networking site that lets you answer the question "What Am I Doing Right Now?" in 140 characters or less.

P. 129: Rumpled and tattooed, they looked more like they were fronting a band then running a tech-development company.

P. 154: In the almost two decades SpyTech that has been selling miniature cameras, micro recorders, and software spying packages, we've gone from fearing Big Brother to wanting to be him.

P. 164: ... as Michael Moore made clear in his documentary Farenheit 911...

P. 164: A Canadian Broadcasting Center (CBC) radio producer...

P. 184: David Lyon is head of the Surveillance Project at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.

P. 200: Every time I sat down at the computer, as a matter of fact, I methodically opened the camera feed and spend a few minutes with the alley.

P. 206: This material is generated not just by the perpetrators by also by the victims...

P. 211: This slight women in her fifties with frizzy hair and freckles smiled at me.

P. 229: The homeless woman living in a bag in a park across from the White House has more privacy that your average homeowner.

P. 259: In my non-cyber existence I probably had fewer friends then at any other time in my life.

P. 273: The recording ended up forcing the Malaysian prime minster...

P. 273: ... looks the other way when the clerics who impose these laws have illict affairs.


Laura said...

Good grief! I think I would have stopped reading after the second "then."

jblue said...

I persevered through a lot of rough water.