Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Talylor Lautner; at the YVR; back in town Tuesday night; arrived Monday night; Tyler Lautner

The problems began on the Vancouver 24 hours homepage this morning, where Taylor Lautner's first name gained an L. Also, YVR (Vancouver International Airport) shouldn't have a the in front of it. While my wife has read the entire Twilight series several times over, I am not a fan. I'm not anti-Twilight, I just don't care for it. Anyway, despite my non-interest, I clicked "Full Story" to see if Talylor was just the tip of the iceberg. Was it ever.

Okay, so the actors who portray Edward and Bella arrived Tuesday night. Since there's nothing wrong here (except for the use of "back door" in close proximity to Pattinson and Stewart when talk of their possible relationship has been all over the internet), let's move on.

The online article got by unscathed, but the photo caption suffered. Lautner's first name still has that extra L inserted - he should get that looked at. Again, please no the in front of YVR; spotted at YVR this week is far better (and actually correct). And that was that, until I saw the print edition of the same article.

Say what? Monday night? But 24 hours, your very own online article stated - and still states - that the actors arrived on Tuesday night. Your credibility is waning, but hey, at least you jettisoned "back door" in favor of just another door.

Uh oh, problems with Lautner's first name in the print edition's photo caption as well. What should have been a quick fix - removing the extra L from Talylor - went horribly wrong. From Taylor to Talylor to Tyler. Why stick with T names? Riley Lautner has a nice ring to it.

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