Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's time now for more fun and games provided by the Yahoo! Canada homepage. This time there is more fun and games than ever before! I've got almost a full month's worth of goodness, so let's get started. From May 3, 2011, vengeance was missing its A. Then,

also from May 3, 2011, levee had one E too many. Then,

again from May 3, 2011, there was a doubling of your. Then,

once again from May 3, 2011, it was a misspelling of significant. Then,

there was a homophonic fair/fare error from May 5, 2011. Then,

makeovers was missing an E in this text that is also from May 5, 2011. Then,

again from May 5, 2011, the Tampa Bay Lightning were short an N. Then,

two more errors from May 5, 2011, as declines should not have had an apostrophe and 110 years old should not have had any hyphens. Then,

on May 6, 2011, announcer was missing an N,

outburst was out of control,

and apologizes gained a P. Proofreading - there should be an app for that. Then,

May 7, 2011, saw a shortened Maradona. Then,

on May 9, 2011, there was a misspelled fighter,

and a misspelled lived. Then,

I suppose this was an inadvertent misspelling on May 10, 2011. Then,

on May 13, 2011, the business is Tim Hortons with no apostrophe. Then,

on May 14, 2011, there was a misspelling of Jon Cryer,

and a missing of between one and the. Then,

there was Tim Hortons smoothies and Tim Horton's new treat at the same time on May 15, 2011. Then,

someone must have been hogging some Ds on May 18, 2011, because bandwidth was missing one. Then,

again on May 18, 2011, surprisingly was short an R. Then,

on May 22, 2011, there was a misspelled targeting,

a screw-up of the phrase 1 in 29 million shot,

and a misspelling of souvenirs. Then,

it was a non-Canadian spelling of favourite on May 27, 2011. (The Yahoo! Canada homepage always - well, with exceptions such as above - uses the Canadian/British spelling of words like favourite and humour.) Finally,

there are two missing hyphens in forty-one-year-old right now. Click an image to enlarge it.

There's an error

Can you spot the homophonic error in this paragraph from "Canucks bound for Stanley Cup final" on CBC Sports online on May 24, 2011? Click the image to enlarge it.

Writing for the birds

This is the start of the first sentence in "Rodgers knew that Aguilera goofed up National Anthem at Super Bowl" on Yahoo! Canada Sports on May 20, 2011. It appears that nobody at Yahoo! knows that Farrar goofed up the word crowd. Click the image to enlarge it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors

I have three errors to share. Each one was detected in the past ten days on the CBC British Columbia homepage. Error the first, from May 18, 2011, is the appearance of their when there is required. Then,

on May 20, 2011, arrrrrr, matey, a pirate must have made some mischief with this misspelling of Conference. Lastly,

it's a misspelled government on May 25, 2011. Click an image to enlarge it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

MSN Canada homepagerrors

I have here a lineup of errors from the MSN Canada homepage. In the leadoff position is an awful mangling of Skechers Shape-ups on May 18, 2011. Then,

in the on-deck position is a misplaced question mark on May 21, 2011 - it should be after the closing quotation mark. Then,

in the hole is a misspelling of roommate on May 23, 2011, though roomate makes me smile as I think of a kangaroo's friend. Lastly,

batting cleanup is this misspelling of inmate, which is also from May 23, 2011. Man, the writer and/or editor ought to be arrested for that. Click an image to enlarge it.

Give me a break!

After reading what's in the image above and meeting Marnie Scanlan, are you thinking, 'Hey, there's nothing wrong here'? If so, good for you. On its own, the above paragraph - from "Cyclist gets $200,000 for pothole mishap" on Yahoo! Canada News on May 21, 2011 - is fine. But,

three paragraphs later, Marnie's last name has had a D added to the end. I don't know which spelling is correct, and I don't care; apparently the same goes for the Yahoo! writer. Additionally, breaks should be brakes (that's a ridiculous homophonic error!) and kilometers should be kilometres (that's the Canadian way!). Click an image to enlarge it.

An NHL miss

The player mentioned is Chris Higgins of the Vancouver Canucks. From the homepage on May 15, 2011. See the hit by clicking here.

I suggest proofreading

I don't understand why MSN writes before MSN suggest. Surely it should be suggests. From "Bands that you need to break up with" on MSN Canada Entertainment on May 12, 2011. Click the image to enlarge it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 hours Vancouverrors

It's a misspelled Vancouver in the photo caption for "Lotto winner now superfan" in 24 hours Vancouver on May 25, 2011. But,

that's nothing compared to the misspelling of Independent in the first sentence of "Everything has its consequences" in the same edition of 24 hours Vancouver.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Go, hockey, go!"

What? I'm cheering on the hockey, just like many other bloggers and fans, according to this article ("Vancouver closes street for CBC's Canucks street party" on CBC News online on May 13, 2011). Though there is the chance the word team is missing from between hockey and during. However, it's been over a week with no correction, so, um, yeah. Also not corrected is the single-letter word a randomly appearing between for and some, and the lack of hyphen in both Olympic-style and family-friendly. I also don't understand the inconsistency of 4:00 p.m. and and 9 p.m. - why the zeros on only the former? A couple of paragraphs later,

used should be use. Click an image to enlarge it.

Does spelling matter?

If you're writing for Yahoo!, it doesn't. From "Breakfast before or after exercise—which torches more fat?" on Yahoo! Canada Shine on May 10, 2011.

What's your error-tolerance threshold?

To misspell threshold once could be perceived as a typo, but misspelling it twice - in the exact same manner and in the same paragraph - goes beyond typoville. A spell check would have caught that. From "Unsafe drivers should pay more: ICBC" on CBC News online on May 11, 2011. Later in the article,

the word be should be between also and limited. Click an image to enlarge it.

Attention to detail

I'd imagine politicians - or their staffers - are good at paying attention to details. If only journalists were just as good at paying attention to details when writing about politicians. There seems to be a missing word or two after month-long, or it should read simply much of the month. From "Crucial B.C. byelection Wednesday" on CBC News online on May 11, 2011. Then,

this is the entire first sentence of the article's final paragraph. That comma after Clark shouldn't be there, and the word in should be between legislature and 1996. Click an image to enlarge it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

This is professional writing?! That's ludicrous!

Is it just me or does it's clear from estimates debate not make any sense? I could just be reading it wrong. However, I do know that roll should be role. From "Premier using government staff in byelection: NDP" on CBC News online on May 10, 2011. Later in the article,

there is a suspicious misspelling of ludicrous. A simple spell check would have caught that. In the second paragraph there are a couple of extra of extra words - can you spot them? Then,

this is the article's final paragraph and the writer ended on a low note; in should be is. Click an image to enlarge it.