Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 hours Vancouverrors

It's a misspelled Vancouver in the photo caption for "Lotto winner now superfan" in 24 hours Vancouver on May 25, 2011. But,

that's nothing compared to the misspelling of Independent in the first sentence of "Everything has its consequences" in the same edition of 24 hours Vancouver.


Auto Title Loans said...

Vancouver, WA? or Vancouver, Canada? Because if it's Canada, you know they spell things differently than in the States; or at least, it would be a better excuse. That is pretty embarrassing to spell independent wrong, though. I would have thought Spell-Check would have caught that.


Terribly Write said...

Also, in the first example, "collect" should be "collects."

jblue said...

Yup, I completely missed the collect(s) goof. Thanks.