Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mariana's Trench; Stephen Page

In today's wired world, with very easy access to information such as the spelling of a band's name, this writer (of "Adams headlines entertainment for PNE's centennial" on The Vancouver Sun online on June 23, 2010) has no excuse for inserting that apostrophe into Marianas Trench. Then,

in the next paragraph, he misspells Steven Page's first name. Boss to writer: "You're phired!"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for correcting your spelling of "apostrophe" by inserting the "r".

jblue said...

You're welcome. You must have seen this post immediately after I first posted it because I inserted that R less than three minutes after posting. It's so easy to fix online errors; I wonder why the writer at The Vancouver Sun is unable to do it.