Saturday, April 16, 2011

24 hours Vancouverrors

The April 14, 2011, edition of 24 hours Vancouver features many errors. First up, from "Schoenborn decision to be reviewed", the article's subject gets misspelled. Then,

here is the photo caption from "PM lampoon crashes website". There's nothing wrong,

until you read the article and see that Cam Dales might actually be Cam Coles,

and Sean Devli might actually be Sean Devlin. Two creators of the website and two misspelled names. Also, the popular video-sharing website is YouTube, not YoutTube, and there should be a period right after video. Next up,

an incorrect movie title. The writer of "Rob and Reese help hurting Japan" should have written Water for Elephants. (Note the lowercase for and the plural Elephants.) Then,

their should be they're in the opening sentence of "Sweet-toothed resurrection". Then,

"Kobe fined for anti-gay slur" contains a nonsensical sentence. I think the word are should immediately precede offensive. Finally,

an L is still missing from the classifieds section. Click an image to enlarge it.

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