Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yay! It's time for more errors seen on the Yahoo! Canada homepage! First up, from April 20, 2011, surely Julie Bowen tried to pull off the same look. I don't even know how someone would begin to try to pull of the same look. Next,

Yahoo! seemed to suffer a shortage of the letter R on April 22, 2011. Then,

on April 24, 2011, somehow an apostrophe is required in a Tim Horton's franchise but not in a Tim Hortons owner. There shouldn't be an apostrophe in either one. Later that same day,

a second R in stiring would transform it from a nonword to the recognized word stirring. Next,

on April 26, 2011, it's another royal wedding error. All is well when you read the above text from the homepage, but

when you click-and-go to the article ("Lady Di’s personal astrologer wary of Will & Kate’s wedding date" on Yahoo! Canada Shine on April 26, 2011), the sex of the astrologer is suddenly in question. Also in that article,

the writer gets the year of Diana's death wrong. She was killed in 1997. Click an image to enlarge it.

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