Monday, August 29, 2011

The Vancouver Courierrors

More errors from The Vancouver Courier. First, from "Cops crackdown on fireworks crowd" on August 3, 2011, eights cans should be eight cans. Also from August 3, 2011,

the apostrophe in the developer's name is correct in the first sentence of this article ("Panel rejects old Pantages site plan"), but the second sentence starts with an apostrophe error. Then,

the second an should be a in "Folks step up to the mic and tell stories" on August 5, 2011. Then,

I spresent to you a misspelled representatives in an ad in "Featured employment" on August 12, 2011. Then,

the location was actually Spanish Banks West Extension. From "Sea of Sand serves up noir on the beach" on August 17, 2011. Then,

the first a was out of place in "Walkers agree with city efforts to green festivals" on August 17, 2011. Then,

there was a misspelling of visitors in the photo caption for "Community Calendar" on August 19, 2011. Finally,

in "Mac world problems put heat on company" on August 19, 2011, how can it be too big too fail then too big to feel? Not a good way to end an article. Click an image to enlarge it.

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