Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo! July 2011

It's time! It's time it's time it's time! It's that time of the month; here are all the errors I detected from the Yahoo! Canada homepage during July 2011. First up, from July 5, is one of the three Ls in willling willing to go in exchange for an actual word? Next,

also from July 5, is it lookalikes or look-alikes? Who cares?! Do both! Then,

on July 6, the writer must have quit trying when they misspelled Casey Anthony's name. Later that same day,

someone misspelled volcano. What could possibly be the reason for so many nonwords on Yahoo!'s homepage? July 7 saw three homepage errors, starting

starting with this one. You see, see should be sees. I clicked to the article ("Woman see mother’s face for first time in five years after photo goes viral on Chinese social network" on Yahoo! Canada News on July 7, 2011),

and saw that the article's actual headline was no better. The second homepage error on July 7

was this misspelling of mortgage. Awful. The third error,

was this misspelling of together. That's nothing to laugh about. On July 11,

there was a twofer: in the first line, dismisse should be either dismisses or dismissed, and in the third line the S in UK's should be lowercase and phone-hacking victim requires a hyphen. I guess that makes it a threefer. Oh well. Then,

also on July 11, a Yahoo! "professional" misspelled entertainment. Moving on,

there was a misspelled girlfriend on July 13 and

an extra word - of - on July 15. The next day (July 16, 2011, to be exact),

there was this amusing misspelling of Milky Way. Later that same day,

both accidently and accidentally are acceptable spellings of the same word, but an online news source should probably stick to using one spelling across the entire news site, let alone in two consecutive lines. Holy crap. Then,

on July 17 the first to should have been left out and

an should be a because there is no way you can convince me that giant starts with a vowel sound. One sleep later,

on July 18, there was a misspelling of skull (the story contained info about an injury to a woman's head and had nothing to do with boats). And that last line is all kinds of terrible - into should be in to and form should be for. That writing is poor form. Later that same day,

I don't know how to fix this because I have no idea what the writer was trying to say. Later again that same day,

Yahoo! shared news about Janis Joplin that I hadn't known: first, that she wrote songs for Rolling Stones, and second, that she had passed away recently. When I clicked to the article ("Writer of tunes made into hits by Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin dies at 80" on Yahoo! Canada News on July 18, 2011) to find out more,

the headline reinforced those facts. The truth is that the word and should replace the comma in both instances. Joplin died in 1970 at age 27. Then,

of should have been off on July 20. A day later,

I was intrigued by this. I couldn't tell if I was misreading it, so I kept rereading it hoping some sense would come of it. Finally I gave in and guessed that cave should have been caves and that a whole lot of caves were going to be filled as part of housing developments or something. So I clicked to the article ("Lascaux's 18,000 year-old cave art under threat" on Yahoo! Canada News on June 23, 2011 AFP) and found out

that my guess was wrong. The story was about one old cave, not several thousand caves. But the headline is also short a hyphen in 18,000-year-old. Then,

on July 23 there was a misspelling of multiculturalism. Not just on the homepage,

but also in the article's headline ("Norway killer attacked multicuturalism, Islam online" on Yahoo! Canada News on July 23, 2011). What's extra special about this one is that while many online news articles are published without a writer's name, this article has two names! Plus,

this immediately follows the final paragraph at the end of the article. Priceless! Oh, and despite many comments in the article's comments section that point out the misspelling, the error in the headline is still there today, more than two weeks after the article was published. Also from July 23,

the single-letter word a does not belong between as and two. In fact, it doesn't belong anywhere in that sentence. Then,

on July 25 a writer apparently didn't know that the pitcher's name is Roger Clemens. Finally,

on July 31 rising should have been raising, and there should probably have been a comma after shopping. That's a wrap for last month's recap. Click an image to enlarge it.

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