Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DTES shutterbugs finds a winning expression; has become one a community's highlight; don't feel its been represented

First I spotted this disagreement on the 24H Vancouver homepage. Leaving me (and probably others) to wonder whether one shutterbug finds a winning expression or two or more shutterbugs find a winning expression, I clicked to the article.

The headline for the actual article ("DTES shutterbugs finds a winning expression" on 24H Vancouver online on June 1, 2010) had the same disagreement, plus I found this bizarre paragraph. It kind of looks like it ought to be has become one of the community's highlights since its inception, but it's not really even close to that. What do you think the writer was going for here?

Then, the very next sentence had an apostrophe missing from its. Of course, the writer could claim that the speaker who is being quoted didn't pronounce the apostrophe, so he's just typing what he heard.

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