Friday, March 29, 2013

I'll take "when" for $1 million, Alex

Two things. First thing: the word when should be inserted between joking and they. Second thing: The coworkers won 1 million what? 1 million kittens? 1 million Timbits? 1 million suitcases each containing 1 million dollars? When your article (post?) consists of a video and one short sentence, you should probably make sure that sentence makes sense. From "Office Lotto Winners Share Wealth With Coworker Who Opted Out" on Yahoo! Canada News on March 28, 2013. Click the image to enlarge it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hey, Sam I am, meet Quit I am.

A booklet of Subway coupons arrived in our mailbox earlier this month. The coupons can only be used at one location to help celebrate said location's grand opening. Shame, though, that the city's name was given short shrift. It's Port Coquitlam. Click the image to enlarge it.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recent 24 hours Vancouverrors

Here are some errors that have been detected in the pages of 24 hours Vancouver since the start of February. On February 6, the obvious error is it's, which should be its. The less obvious error: can winter really be on its way in February? On February 6 we're almost exactly halfway through winter and spring is on its way. Then,

on February 21 (in "5 on 5") who's should have been whose. Then,

on March 1 (on the front page!) denounces was missing its second N. Then,

on March 13 there was some sort of connection between New Year's Eve and January 31 but I couldn't figure it out. Little help? Finally,

this headline on March 14 featured a misspelling of appearance. Click an image to enlarge it.

I have concerns with CBC's editing

The company is Spence Diamonds, therefore it should be Spence's customer service. From "Spence Diamonds rewrites guarantee following CBC investigation" on CBC News online on March 12, 2013. Then,

a few paragraphs later, principal should be principle. Click an image to enlarge it.

One readers described being fed up

It's either one witness or two or more witnesses. From "West End 7-Eleven stabbing attack suspect charged" on CBC News online on March 11, 2013. Click the image to enlarge it.

Remarkable writing is remarkable

This writing is remarkably bad and disrespectful. From "5-year-old struck, killed by city garbage truck" on Yahoo! Canada News on March 7, 2013. Click the image to enlarge it.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors - February 2013

You want errors? We got errors! These are the errors that were detected on the CBC British Columbia homepage during February 2013. First up, on February 2 there was one and too many. Then,

after clicking to the article ("2 die in Metro Vancouver traffic incidents" on CBC News online on February 2, 2013), the caption under top-of-article photo is a mess. Be should be by and tro should be to. Then,

in the second paragraph, I think win should be in. Then,

on February 23 the premier's first name was misspelled. Her name is Christy Clark. Then,

on February 24 both historic and homelessness were misspelled. Finally,

on February 26 sentence should have been sentenced and there should have been a comma immediately after player. Click an image to enlarge it.

Here's another poInsert Blockquotest

In the headline (for "Former advisor to Stephen Harper apologizes for supporting right to watch child porn" on Yahoo! Canada News on February 28, 2013), the word advisor is present. Then,

in the article's second sentence, the word adviser is used in the same context. Consistency much? Then,

I'm not quite sure what's going on with members - or, rather, meInsert Blockquotembers. Click an image to enlarge it.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

X doesn't mark the house

In this article ("Princeton gives away free houses — if you haul it" on Yahoo! Canada Finance on February 26, 2013), it's written that houses are being given away in as-in condition. Is "as-in condition" a thing? I don't think that's a thing. It's as-is condition and no other permutation, right? Then,

readers are informed that each available house is "marked with a red and white X" - and that is false! Absolutely false! How am I so sure? Well,

because of the large photo at the top of the article. Click an image to enlarge it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yahooooooo! February 2013

Now that March is here, let's look back at February and the errors bestowed upon readers by the people in charge of the Yahoo! Canada homepage. First, on February 1 there was a misspelling of Nicolas Cage's first name. After clicking the link,

readers saw the above headline ("Newly-released photos of Nicolas Cage as Superman emerge" on Yahoo! Canada Movies on January 30, 2013) with the correct spelling of Cage's first name but now there's a hyphen between newly and released. There shouldn't be a hyphen there. Then,

on February 2 there was a misspelling of wildlife. Then,

on February 3 I wasn't sure what message the writer was attempting to get across to readers. Then,

on February 22 it should've been either officers fall or officer falls. After clicking the link,

the headline ("Newfoundland wildlife officers falls through ice, presumed drowned: RCMP" on Yahoo Canada News on February 22, 2013) was revealed to be the same. Then,

on February 27 on should have been one. Then,

also on February 27, coverage was missing its R. Finally,

on February 28 challenges was missing its N. Click an image to enlarge it.