Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yahooooooo! February 2013

Now that March is here, let's look back at February and the errors bestowed upon readers by the people in charge of the Yahoo! Canada homepage. First, on February 1 there was a misspelling of Nicolas Cage's first name. After clicking the link,

readers saw the above headline ("Newly-released photos of Nicolas Cage as Superman emerge" on Yahoo! Canada Movies on January 30, 2013) with the correct spelling of Cage's first name but now there's a hyphen between newly and released. There shouldn't be a hyphen there. Then,

on February 2 there was a misspelling of wildlife. Then,

on February 3 I wasn't sure what message the writer was attempting to get across to readers. Then,

on February 22 it should've been either officers fall or officer falls. After clicking the link,

the headline ("Newfoundland wildlife officers falls through ice, presumed drowned: RCMP" on Yahoo Canada News on February 22, 2013) was revealed to be the same. Then,

on February 27 on should have been one. Then,

also on February 27, coverage was missing its R. Finally,

on February 28 challenges was missing its N. Click an image to enlarge it.

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