Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Writing that will A-a-Maze you

Here's an article ("Campaign seeks to keep A-Amaze-ing Laughter in Vancouver" on The Vancouver Sun online on March 8, 2012) about some sculptures. According to the headline the art is called A-Amaze-ing Laughter. However,

the article's second paragraph claims the art is A-Maze-ing Laughter. In addition, there is an extra hyphen in what should be 20-year lease. Then,

in the article's penultimate paragraph, the art is called A-maz-Ing Laughter, and in the final paragraph, it's Amazing Laughter. Four different names for the same art, all in the same article! Where else will you get such variety?! The final paragraph also includes an undercapitalized Morton Park and a case of missing closing quotation marks. Click an image to enlarge it.


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