Monday, March 19, 2012

Don't worrey worrie worry, it's only the internet

The problems began on the MSN Canada homepage on March 7, 2012. That is not the correct spelling of paraplegic. The problems really got going

in CBC's version of the same article - "Paraplegic's huge hospital bill cancelled" on CBC News on March 7, 2012. At least paraplegic was correct in the headline (which has now been updated to "Paraplegic's $27,800 air ambulance bill cancelled"). But for now, pay attention to the word cancelled. Then,

the subject of the story gets introduced as Brent Worrall. Then,

his last name gets changed to Worral. Then,

it gets changed to Worrell. Then,

it returns to its orginal spelling. But, why does cancelled in the headline get the two-L treatment, while travelers gets just one L? CBC is a Canadian company, and both of those words should contain two Ls. Click an image to enlarge it.

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