Wednesday, March 7, 2012

24 hours Vancouverrors - February 2012

Are you ready? Ready for all the errors I detected from 24 hours Vancouver during February 2012? Yes, you say? Alrighty then, let's begin.. From "Zen and the art of the pickup" on February 3, to should have been left out. Then,

knowing what I know about Glee, signing should have been singing in "Smash more naturalistic than Glee: Messing" on February 6. Then,

whoever wrote "Driver in fatal crash driving illegally" on 24 hours Vancouver online on February 6, forgot (I hope, rather than doesn't know) that 25 years old should not have any hyphens. Then,

personal was missing its R in "Transitions at work can be full of pitfalls" on February 20. Then,

also on February 20, there were two errors in this passage from "Getting over the challenges of working from home": sticking should have been stick, and you're should have been your. Then,

this was the top sidebar item on the 24 hours Vancouver front page on February 24. The problem: Like a cyclops, New Westminster has only one I. Strangely,

it was an error that was repeated in the article, "Local woman summoned to Hollywood for star facials", but

not in the article's photo caption. Finally, on the 24 hours Vancouver homepage on February 26, these two items were the top stories story.

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