Monday, March 12, 2012

Yahooooooooo! February 2012

Gather 'round, gather 'round. I'm about to present to you the errors I detected on the Yahoo! Canada homepage during February 2012. Let's begin. First, whoever wrote Nickleback on February 2 must be one of the haters, because the band's name is Nickelback. Then,

from February 10, how does a missed zero, or a single missed *any number*, turn an eight-digit win into a five-digit win? That math just doesn't add up. But wait, it gets better,

because in the article, "Man from tiny mining town in northern B.C. says his $16m Lotto Max win surreal" on Yahoo! Canada News on February 9, 2012, it's revealed that the man couldn't have missed any zeroes - the winning amount was $16,666,666. Then,

again on February 10, there was a misspelling of research. Then,

again on February 10, there was a misspelling of Florida. Then,

again on February 10, there was a double-decker of bad. First, doppleganger should have been doppelganger, and second, Shia's last name is LaBeouf. (Here's the article to prove it's not some other LeBeouf/LaBeouf.) Then,

on February 17, Winnie Tsige curiousity should have read Winnie Tsige's curiosity. Do you see the two fixes that I made? Then,

again on February 17, Nick's last name is Cannon. Then,

on February 19, there was this misspelling of SoulCalibur. Finally,

on February 24, somebody inadequately capitalized Cirque du Soleil. That's all. Click an image to enlarge it. G'night.

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