Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yahooooooooooo! October 2013

The year was 2013 and the month was October and the errors on the Yahoo! Canada homepage were plentiful. First, on October 9 what was drooping should have been dropping. Then,

on October 10 I knew something was wrong here - because it made no sense - but I had to click to the article to determine the error: at should have been act. Then,

on October 13 there was this bit of nonsense. The Flames are not what? They're not suck? Perhaps and they don't would've been better, eh? Then,

on October 19 I read this and subsequently clicked the link and watched the video. [The article: "News Anchor Has Makeup Malfunction" on Yahoo! Canada News on October 18, 2013] Her right eye was fine; her left eye was where the problem occurred. Plus, (actually Taiwan)

this is the entire article/description below the video. The news anchor is in Taiwan, and one can clearly hear that in the video. Then,

also on October 19 there was confusion regarding Maru's last name: Oropesa or Orepesa? Then,

on October 21 I wasn't surprised to see another misspelling. It's another nonword on your homepage, Yahoo! - are you proud? Then,

on October 25 yet another nonword appeared on the Yahoo! Canada homepage - plauged should have been plagued. Also, because it's the Canadian Yahoo!, rumors should have been rumours. Then,

on October 28 it should have been in. Then,

on October 29 there was another nonword because harassed had one too many Rs. Finally,

also on October 29, the spelling of intimate got bungled. Click an image to enlarge it.

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