Saturday, November 2, 2013

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors - October 2013

Let's turn our attention to the errors seen on the CBC BC homepage during October 2013 so let's not waste any time. First, on the first, there was a misspelling of Vancouver. Then,

on October 8 there was a missing R in what should have been through. I clicked to the article and

the first sentence of said article ("Kitsilano Park bike lane approved by Vancouver Park Board" on CBC News online on October 8, 2013) currently has the same though R-less error. It also has a different spelling of Hadden/Haddon park. Then,

three paragraphs later there is yet another spelling of the aforementioned park. The park was named three times - once as Hadden, once as Haddon, and once as Haddem. The correct spelling is the first one, which means the correct one was the one on the homepage. The two variations in the article itself are both wrong, and are both still present. Good one, CBC. Then,

on October 23 the first has should have been was. I hope you're sitting down,

because clicking to the article ("Trucker warned police before fatal Langley crash" on CBC News online on October 23, 2013) led me to a well of incompetence. The subheadline says the warning occurred several hours before the crash. Also, you can see that at the time of this screen capture - as well as the following few - the article had been updated at least once. Then,

the photo caption at the top of the article says the crash happened on Tuesday. Remember that. Then,

the first sentence has been corrected from what was on the homepage, but the second sentence stated that the trucker was driving through the area in the early morning hours on Saturday. That'd be between midnight and 5am on Saturday, right? Who would call that "several hours" before something that happened on Tuesday? Then,

the trucker called immediately after he drove past the danger, and the time was 12:11 p.m. - really?! So, he drove past in the early morning hours and a call he made at 12:11 p.m. is "immediately after"? What? Then,

the crash apparently happened at 3:50 a.m. - again, the call was "several hours" before? Surely the call was made at 12:11 a.m., right? That would make it both early morning hours and several hours before the crash. I still don't get the Tuesday/Saturday difference though. Then,

a few hours later the article corrected the time of the phone call to 12:11 a.m. - well, not exactly. You'll see. Then,

in a previous article ("Construction crew allegedly ignored warnings in Langley crash" on CBC News online on October 22, 2013), the crash is said to have taken place in 3:50 a.m. on a Tuesday. I don't disagree with this, but include this image because of the inclusion of "Tuesday", which a similar paragraph above doesn't have. Then,

a couple of days later a related article appeared ("Police confirm 911 call was made hours before fatal crash" on CBC News online on October 25, 2013). Remember how the call was made at 12:11 p.m. a.m.? Turns out it was actually made at 11:11 p.m. on Monday night. Not exactly early morning hours on Saturday. FFS, CBC - didn't everything of consequence happen on Monday and Tuesday? Leave Saturday out of it. Then,

back to errors on the homepage unrelated to that dog's breakfast of a story! On October 24, I think the tourist is from Britain. I came to this conclusion because Britian isn't a thing. Then,

on October 26 there was a doubling up of been. Then,

on October 30 there was a two-fer. In the top story Ladner is misspelled, and in the bottom story either receiving or responding to should have been jettisoned. Phew, that's it! Click an image to enlarge it.

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