Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yahooooooo! December 2012

The final month of 2012 saw a handful of errors on the Yahoo! Canada homepage. First, on December 10, there was either a missing word that should have been between and and dishes, or and should have been cut out. Then,

on December 13 there was this misspelling of thieves. Yet another nonword on the homepage of a major news website. Yahoo! is classy like that. Then,

on December 20 there was something off with this teaser. I think one possible fix is to insert the word says between Dagliesh and his, if I understand what the Yahoo! writer was trying to say. Then,

on December 23 there were a three goofs: an aimes that should have been aimed and twice a Ukranian that should have been Ukrainian. Then,

on December 27 there was an apostrophe on Starbucks for no good reason. Then,

on December 29 there was this correct Canadian spelling of favourite as Yahoo! showcased some stories from throughout the year, but

at the same time there was this American spelling of favourite. Finally,

on December 30 another nonword was featured. Couldn't the writer see that they had erred? I see what I did there. Click an image to enlarge it.

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