Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wiig's first name is a cyclops...

...because it's only got one I. Just like the last post, this is a Yahoo! Movies Golden Globes Blog article. However, where the article in the last post gets pretty much everything wrong, the writer of this article ("Kristin Wiig: Would she host the Golden Globes?" on Yahoo! Canada OMG! on January 14, 2013) simply gets the subject's name wrong. But it's in the headline, and then a few more times in the article itself. The subject is actress Kristen Wiig - there are two I's in her last name, but only one in her first name. In the article's third sentence,

her name is written correctly. But,

it is back to incorrect in both the fifth and sixth sentence. The next time,

it's correct, but

the final appearance is incorrect. Including the headline, Kristen Wiig's first name is written six times, and only twice it's written correctly. 2/6. That's terrible. Click an image to enlarge it.


Laura said...

The same article (and headline) appeared in the US version of Yahoo -- complete with all the misspellings of Ms. Wiig's first name. Pitiful. I can't believe there is no one at Yahoo who proofreads this stuff.

jblue said...

The misspelling in the headline is bad enough, but I don't understand going back and forth from correct to incorrect in the article. It shows the reader that the writer doesn't take pride in their work.