Friday, June 1, 2012

Yahooooooooooooooo! May 2012

 The start of June 2012 means it's time for a look back at May 2012 and all the errors that the Yahoo! Canada homepage assaulted our eyeballs with during that month. First, from May 1, 26 years old should not have included any hyphens. Then,

 again on May 1, it wasn't Dustin and Moskovitz (Dustin Moskovitz is one person), so are should have been is. Then,

 on May 5 Yahoo! couldn't decide if it should be do's and don'ts or dos and don'ts, so went with one of each. Then,

 on May 11 your should have been you. Then,

on May 14, even if vie had been spelled correctly, this would not have made sense. It should have read either Men who will be vying for her or Men who will vie for her. Then,

 again on May 14, including both the dollar sign ($) and the word dollar was redundant. Then,

 on May 15 there was a creative spelling of unique. Then,

from May 23, how does Dancing With the Stars get initialised as DTWS? I suppose one has to undergo Yahoo! training to find out. Then,

 again from May 23, someone added a T to Skechers. Then,

 again from May 23, someone added an L to Motorola. Then,

 again from May 23 (not a good day at Yahoo!), I saw that Seinfeld got mistreated. Then,

 on May 27 the hyphen was placed incorrectly in Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's name. Then,

 there was an extra E in fragrance on May 28. Then,

 on May 29 there was an extra to. Finally,

 on May 31 there was a misspelled receives - twice. I still don't understand how nonwords can regularly appear on Yahoo!'s homepage. It's ridiculous. Anyway, that concludes this collection of errors. Click an image to enlarge it.

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