Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors - May 2012

There were a lot of errors on the CBC British Columbia homepage last month, so let's not waste any time. Above, from May 4, plunging should have been plunged. Then,

I clicked to the article ("Hang-glider pilot's memory card recovered" on CBC News on May 4, 2012) and found a sentence in which though should have been through. Then,

later on May 4, there was a two-fer. On top, there was a misspelling of Victoria, and on bottom, women should have been woman. Then,

on May 11 the nonword persence should have been presence. A simple spell check would have caught that. Then,

on May 13 there was a doubling of beat. It was first-come, first-served, so destroy the second one, please. Then,

on May 15 Pentacostal should have been Pentecostal, and exploitation was missing its second T. Then,

after clicking to the article ("Former B.C. pastor charged with sexual exploitation" on CBC News online on May 15, 2012), surely had should be has. And I don't know what on to is supposed to mean, but I suggest replacing those two words with about. Then,

on May 16 there was an extra word (bye, by!), and a missing hyphen in Vancouver-area. The errors are still on display in the article's first paragraph. Then,

on May 21 the second a should not have been present. It's still present in the article's first sentence. Then,

on May 22 readers were subjected to a horrible sentence. First, mainlnd's should have been Mainland's. Second, commutyer should have been commuter. Third, Pacfic should have been Pacific. Horrible. Then,

 on May 23 oceanographer was missing its starting letter. Then,

again on May 23, demonstrated was missing its first T. CBC has to do better at using spell check, or proofreading, or both. Then,

on May 24 I was debating whether or not to give a pass to the incorrectly capitalized AirCare. Then I noticed 2104. That is one hella long phase out. Or it's supposed to be 2014. Which one seems more likely? Then,

on May 25 the the before Robert Pickton should not have been there, and what happened to the part after and? Finally,

and also on May 25, the first for should not have been there. So, May 2012 was a bad month, CBC. Want to drink away the memories? Okay, sure. Here's to June, and the start of summer. Click an image to enlarge it.


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