Friday, April 6, 2012

Yahooooooooooooooo! March 2012

It's time, yet again, for a monthly roundup of errors found on the Yahoo! Canada homepage. The errors found in this post were all detected during March 2012. First, Rory McIlroy had his last name misspelled twice on March 5. Then,

also on March 5, it's design should have been its design. Then,

I wonder what what the writer was thinking when a repeated word appeared on March 6. Then,

on March 7, Enrique Iglesias was missing his A, eh. Then,

also on March 7, there was one A too many - the middle one should have been absent. Then,

on March 12 your should have been you're. Then,

Guinness was short an N on March 15. Then,

also on March 15, leprechauns was short a U. Then,

on March 17 Springsteen was short a G. Then,

on March 23, the top two lines were okay, but then disaster struck. Schools was missing its C, but after that fix there was disagreement with schools lifts. Clicking the link took me to this article about one school's pink-hair ban (note the hyphen), so the third line should have been written as, School lifts pink-hair ban. Then,

also on March 23, the newly elected NDP leader's first name is Thomas, but is his last name Mulcair or

Muclair? Getting a name correct is easy Yahoo!, and when you fail to do even that, suspicions are raised about what else is wrong on your site. Then,

on March 24 the is should not have been there. Plus, BlackBerry is undercapitalized. Then,

also on March 24, effects should have been affects. Finally,

on March 29 Yahoo! gave readers a double-decker error extravaganza. First, seperate should have been separate. Second, Switzerland was missing its T (here's the article in case you believe that it should be Swizerland). The end. Click an image to enlarge it.

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