Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors - March 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready? Ready for a collection of the errors I found on the CBC British Columbia homepage during March 2012? Yes, you say? Okay, let's begin. First up, from March 16, teacher got repeated. Then,

on March 20 there was a misspelled heavy and a misspelled Hope. Then,

after clicking to that last teaser's article ("Snow closes section of B.C.'s Coquihalla Highway" on CBC News online on March 20, 2012), I found a first sentence in which heavy and Hope were correct, but Merritt - which was fine on the homepage - was missing a T. Then,

on March 26 the homepage's top story included incorrect wording: has the quit party should have been has quit the party. Then,

on March 27 I was confused by what was meant by in British C.C. at the end of the sentence. But,

after clicking to the article ("RCMP face sexual harassment class-action suit" on CBC News online on March 27, 2012), it was made clear. Though I don't understand how British C.C. got past the eyes of anybody. Then,

on March 30, lead should have been led. Then,

when I clicked to that article ("RCMP regret dropped child sex abuse charges" on CBC News online on March 30, 2012), I see that the first sentence is almost identical to the homepage, except led is now correct! However, Turpel-Lafond is introduced to readers in the article's second sentence, and then has an E added to the end of her name in the very next sentence. Click an image to enlarge it.

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