Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This article ("Urban farmer digs in over Lantzville ban" on CBC News online on July 19, 2011) produces more question than answers. What's a hectarce? Why is 1 not one? (Doesn't the writer know that the numbers one to nine should be spelled out, while numbers 10 and over should be expressed as figures?) Where is the missing hyphen for 1-hectarce one-hectare? Then,

in this ridiculous complete sentence, where is the comma that should be after change? What happened to the word an that should be between is and outspoken? How did no one notice the misspelled sustainability? Finally,

was the writer of the article also responsible for the article's photo caption? At the risk of dissing the scribe, was there any time spent proofreading any part of this article? How does a professional writer manage to write discribes in the first place? Then, by leaving it for eight days and counting, does that mean that there's zero accountability at CBC? Also - since it's missing again, this time from between as and organic - was there an order from above to not use the word an? Click an image to enlarge it - why not?!

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