Sunday, July 17, 2011

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors

It's now time to share more errors that were featured recently on the CBC British Columbia homepage. First up, on July 10, 2011, potential should be potentially, and there's one hyphen too many in five-year sentence. Then,

the next day son should have been put after 21-year-old. If there's a hyphen in car-surfing, shouldn't there also be one in car surf? I clicked the link to the article ("'Terrible decision' to car surf kills B.C. man" on CBC News online on July 11, 2011) and found more problems:

While son is now in its correct place, the sequence of words for off the roof of a moving car got a tad scrambled. Make a note of the spelling of Jordan Ward's name. Then,

later in the article another hyphen is required for 25-year-old. And

in the article's final sentence, there has been a change in how Jordan Ward's name is spelled. Back to the CBC British Columbia homepage,

on July 13 there was a misspelling of Agassiz. Do you think the person who wrote this lives in B.C.? Maybe the writer is a big tennis fan. Click an image to enlarge it.

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