Friday, February 29, 2008

Zach Parisi // expect

While the [New Jersey] Devils didn’t get a lot of pucks on goal, and only two in the final 20 minutes, [Cristobal] Huet was outstanding when needed. His best save came with 12:31 left in the second period and the game still scoreless. Jay Pandolfo sprung Zach Parisi on a breakaway and the former [Montreal]Canadien stopped him cold.
[Alexander] Ovechkin has scored in every Eastern Conference arena expect the new Prudential Center.
-- Newcomers Huet, Fedorov lead Capitals to 4-0 win over Devils on Yahoo! Sports, Friday February 29th 2008

Zach's last name is Parise. And mind your Ps and Cs.

the third part of his sports trilogy

Semi-Pro is Will Ferrell's latest pants-wetting opus of hilarity. It could be categorized as the third part of his sports trilogy that includes 2005's Kicking and Screaming (kids soccer) and 2006's Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby (NASCAR). Add 2003's Old School to make it a four-part saga, if you count streaking as a sport.
-- A brief history of basketball on the big screen in The Vancouver Courier, Friday February 29th 2008

What about 2007's Blades of Glory (figure skating)?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stanely Park

"We do our annual Stanely Park show and it's one of the best gigs we do all year."
-- Blue Rodeo keep the muse in Metronews, Wednesday February 27 2008

The error is on page 23.

Jessica's Seinfeld's book

Jessica's Seinfeld's book, Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets To Getting Your Kids Eating Good Food, was published in 2007...
-- Seinfelds deny plagiarism in Metronews, Wednesday February 27th 2008

The error is on page 22, and is very similar to this post.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Offer expires January 30, 2008.

Additional charge for Gourmet toppings and Stuffed Crust. Offer valid at participating locations only. Not valid with any other offer. Please present coupon when ordering. All taxes extra. Offer expires January 30, 2008.
-- On each of nine coupons arriving by mail from Pizza Hut, Tuesday February 26 2008

Can I borrow your time machine?

Mike Smith N&N

Feb 26 Smith has been moved to the Lightning -- along with Jeff Halpern and Mike Smith -- in the Brad Richards deal. Dallas also netted Johan Holmqvist.
-- News & Notes on Yahoo! Sports, Tuesday February 26th 2008

Mike Smith is going from a team that's second in the west to a team that's last in the east, but he'll likely get more playing time now. So is he beside himself with anguish, or with joy?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

one the of

...the BCCLA [B.C. Civil Liberties Association] has received a handful of complaints from people in Vancouver about the conduct of security guards, with the harassment of homeless people being one the of more common stories.
-- Tactics of security guards called into question in Westender, Thursday February 21st 2008

CBS' list

...staffers have already been told that NBC’s relaunch of [Bionic Woman] has been scuppered, even though a new showrunner had been announced. Cane was conspicuous by its absence from CBS’ list of shows renewed for the fall...
-- Shows in death spirals in Metronews, Weekend February 22nd-24th 2008

The apostrophe use for NBC's relaunch is correct, so why couldn't the writer add the necessary s in the subsequent sentence? If you click the green link, the error is in the article on page 23.

This is the sixth and final post of detected errors from this weekend's Metronews. Since Metronews is free, one might say 'you get what you pay for'. The writers for Metronews get paid, right? So the people who pay the writers, are they getting what they pay for?

or more information // Feb 21

Contact Doug Estergaard at 604-527-5536 or or more information. Apply now or attend an Information Session: Thurs, Feb 21...
-- Advertisement in Metronews, Weekend February 22nd-24th 2008

Supposed to be an F word, but not *the* F word. And the info session occurred the day before the paper hit the streets, so good luck making it to that! If you click the green link, the errors are in the ad located in the bottom left corner of page 18.

Rock And Rock N*gger

Another cover, of Patti Smith’s Rock And Rock N*gger (featured on [Marilyn] Manson’s Smells Like Children) was similarly well received.
-- Manson stage assault still shocks in Metronews, Weekend February 22nd-24th 2008

The covered song is actually titled Rock N Roll Nigger. We don't mind the * replacer, and we'll let the And for N go, but Rock instead of Roll? That's inexcusable carelessness. And I would put a comma after the writer's closing parenthesis, wouldn't you? If you click the green link, the error is in the second last paragraph of the review on page 17.

Cyprus Mountain

-- West Coast Weekend in Metronews, Weekend February 22nd-24th 2008

They are in fact talking about Cypress Mountain's skiing facilities. If you click the green link, the error is in the bottom right corner of page 11.

Homes on Holmes

TV contractor Mike Holmes received an honorary degree of Doctor of Technology from BCIT in Burnaby last night. The star of Homes on Holmes started a charitable foundation that offers student scholarships and bursaries.
-- Factoid on page 2 in Metronews, Weekend February 22nd-24th 2008

Sounds much more painful than the correct title, Holmes on Homes. If you click the green link, the error is on the blue background at the top of page two.

If you're miving

If you’re miving to Saskatoon it’s going to be a great thing because home prices (there) are substantially less.”
-- Vancouver homes priciest in Metronews, Weekend February 22nd-24th 2008

If you click the green link, the error is in blue at the bottom of page two.


For nearly 15 years, Vancouver's Cutting Edges hockey team has shown that gay men can play - and win - at one of the toughest sports around. And discrimination from their heterosexual rec league opponents is neglible.
-- Rainbow warriors in The Vancouver Courier, Friday February 22nd 2008

I'm fond of this one because of its location - subheadline on the cover. The editable online version is correct.

into the first place

WASHINGTON (AP)—John Madden backhanded a rebound under goalie Brent Johnson’s pad with 50 remaining in overtime, and the New Jersey Devils moved into the first place in the Eastern Conference with a 2-1 victory Sunday over the Washington Capitals.
-- New Jersey Devils vs Washington Capitals recap on Yahoo! Sports, Sunday February 24th 2008

overacts manically

Your reaction to Be Kind Rewind depends entirely on how you feel about actor Jack Black. Playing the catalyst for both the ruination of a business and the salvation of its owners, Black does what Black does best: overacts manically, gesticulates madly, and makes veins throb (his and ours) as he tears up a scene.
-- Jack Black attack! in The Vancouver Courier, Friday February 22nd 2008

Trying for maniacally, no doubt.

Friday, February 22, 2008

this year)

The Hornets' David West is averaging a career-high 19.6 points in the thrilling Western Conference (176-131) against the East this year).
-- Who's Hot Who's Not in Sports Illustrated, Monday February 18th 2008

Where is the opening to that final closing parenthesis? Actually, the opening is likely already there, because if you delete the earlier closing parenthesis then this sentence makes perfect sense.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FOR PORFESSIONALS // cordiess operation

working will all levels of government

[Geoff] Plant began the job in May 2007 and is working will all levels of government to reduce homelessness, aggressive panhandling and the open drug market by 50 per cent by 2010.
-- Planet Plant in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday February 20th 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

consumed heroine

The prison guards found [Amy] Winehouse's husband laying on the ground violently vomiting. According to authorities, [Blake] Fielder-Civil consumed heroine and a toxic substance with five other inmates.
-- Amy Winehouse's Husband Overdoses on Sympatico / MSN Music, Monday February 18th 2008

Who was it.. Rachel Corrie? Betty Krawczyk? Xena?

writer's strike // Writer's Guild of America

With the writer's strike stretching on, the fate of the 80th annual Academy Awards has become as shaky as the plot of a Jerry Bruckheimer film.The program’s producer, Gil Cates, insists the show will go on — but when asked how that’ll happen should the Writer's Guild of America (WGA) not have a new contract by February 24th, he’s cagey. Giving it away, he says, would put their plan in jeopardy.
-- Our Issue has Issues in Famous, February 2008

Our Issue has Apostrophe Issues. You would think the editor would proofread her own editorial once or twice. Should be writers' strike and Writers Guild of America. Note: the errors are in the tangible magazine; the editable online version is correct.

players have fans have accepted it

The CBC's [Hockey Night in Canada] first-intermission commentator doesn't like the rule, but players have fans have accepted it, so [Don Cherry] should let it go.
-- Blog: Cherry out to lunch on over-the-glass penalty beef on Sympatico / MSN Sports, Tuesday February 19th 2008

Maybe the writer meant to put a that after fans, but more likely the first have should be and.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Father Daivd Bauer Arena

In two years, University of B.C.'s Point Grey campus will be a site of the 2010 Winter Olympics with hockey at the new UBC Winter Sports Centre and, possibly, the anti-doping laboratory.

Last weekend, the men's hockey team played its last game at the Father David Bauer Arena, losing 3-1 to the Calgary Dinos on Saturday. Let's hope both spirit and sense prevail and the $50 million rink with the generic name will simply become the new Father Daivd Bauer Arena.

Bauer, who died 20 years ago, was the priest of puckdom. He made UBC the site of the first national select team in the 1960s. The squad should've come home from Innsbruck 1964 with bronze, but didn't because of the procedure used to break a three-way tie for third.
-- Great gabbing golfers swing by fundraiser in The Vancouver Courier, Friday February 15th 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hitting it's Stride

Hitting it's Stride
-- Title of a graphic on Sportsnet Pacific's Vancouver Canucks broadcast, Thursday February 14th 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

are considered it obese

More than 30 percent of adults in Mississippi are considered it obese, according to a 2007 study by the Trust for America’s Health, a research group that focuses on disease prevention.
-- Mississippi law would ban restaurants from serving fat people in Chicago Sun-Times, Monday February 4th 2008

the those

At least five businesses were damaged by the explosion and [police Const. Tim]Fanning said there's no way to know when the those occupying the building above Taco Del Mar will re-open.
-- Blast rocks Broadway in Metronews, Thursday February 14th 2008

very unique

Back with me is a computer graphics specialist with a very unique name.
-- Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on CityTV, Thursday February 14th 2008

1. existing as the only one or as the sole example

Therefore, very is incorrectly used. I've heard and read this incorrect use many times and now you will probably start noticing it as well. Also, shouldn't there be a question mark at the end of the show's title?

Jessica's Garate's Web wanderings

Jessica's Garate's Web wanderings have found a political blogger challenging the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, a worldwide effort to get books into people's hands and a photo site celebrating failure in all its glory.
-- Jessica's Interactive Report: Feb. 11, 2008 on MyFox New Mexico, Monday February 11th 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the only alternative is not to eat it

I'm not going to recommend an alternative for meat, because I believe that the only alternative is not to eat it.
-- that's eco-tainment in Granville, winter 2007

Other things that the alternative is not: chopping firewood, swimming with dolphins, composing sonnets, serving an ace. It's a shame the writer didn't tell us what they believe to be the only alternative.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

missing "not" // toxic children's' toys

Two errors were found in Shock and Owe in Common Ground, February 2008.

Property owners considered taking legal action, but were saved the bother when the City of Vancouver launched its own action against the province, reasoning that homeowners should have to go to court to force the government to provide compensation.

My comment: Is it just me, or does the sentence above only make sense once the word not is placed between should and have?

Yet ever since Red China became a card-carrying member of the WTO, and valued supplier to the US consumer market, any ethical concerns beyond poisoned pet food and toxic children’s’ toys are considered almost laughably irrelevant.


Here's a trade that would make sense before the Feb. 26 deadline: Toronto sends puck-moving defenseman Tomas Kaberle to the Sharks. San Jose needs a quarterback for its 11th-ranked power play.
-- In the Crease in Sports Illustrated, Monday February 11th 2008

This sounds more like California bar talk than insightful SI trade talk.
San Jose hockey fan #1: dude, we just need a good d-man, someone like Tomas Kaberle.
SJhf#2: but who would we give away, man?
SJhf#1: I don't know, I just really want Kaberle on our power play.
SJhf#2: yeah, that'd be sweet.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Vicitm Identified

Vicitm Identified
-- screen headline on Global BC's Noon News Hour, Monday February 11th 2008

had became

The wedding had became a project at Davie Elementary School, where [Kim] Sjostrom taught first grade. Fellow teachers provided the wedding gown, the flowers and decorations. One of them, an ordained minister, performed the ceremony.
-- Bride dies during marriage's first dance on Yahoo! News, Saturday February 9th 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

your sites's url

It's time to review the selections you've made before your account is created. This is your chance to catch any mistakes in your sites's url or in your email address.
-- Site Meter webpage, Thursday February 7th 2008

Oh how I love me some delicious irony. While registering this blog on Site Meter, where users can only do one website per account creation, this was the final page before completion.
[Please note: this error was detected while this blog was using its original name and address. Blog name and address has changed.]

Which begs the question...

Which begs the question, what is the sound of the internet without a computer?
-- Telus radio ad, February 2008

This misuse of "begs the question", to my chagrin, is spreading and can be heard quite often on newscasts and sportscasts. I've also read the misuse in many online forums. It's everywhere. D'oh.

"Begging the question" is a form of logical fallacy in which an argument is assumed to be true without evidence other than the argument itself. When one begs the question, the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place. A simple example would be "I think he is unattractive because he is ugly." The adjective "ugly" does not explain why the subject is "unattractive" -- they virtually amount to the same subjective meaning, and the proof is merely a restatement of the premise. The sentence has begged the question.

To beg the question does not mean "to raise the question." (e.g. "It begs the question, why is he so dumb?") This is a common error of usage made by those who mistake the word "question" in the phrase to refer to a literal question. Sadly, the error has grown more and more common with time, such that even journalists, advertisers, and major mass media entities have fallen prey to "BTQ Abuse."

Thursday, February 7, 2008

while Djokovik made noise

ZONED IN Her shoulder healed, Sharapova displayed her old power, while Djokovik made noise on and off the court.
-- photo caption on page 50 in Sports Illustrated, February 4th 2008

SI probably wouldn't make this mistake if Novak Djokovic played basketball or American football. The guy just won one of tennis's four Grand Slams and SI misspells his name. Imagine reading, 2007 NBA champion Tim Dunkan, with it not written in a basketball-pun way. Regardless, congratulations to Djokovic and to Maria Sharapova!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Cactus Club is known for...

Just weeks after he quit as executive chef of pricey Vancouver restaurants Lumiere and Feenie's, Rob Feenie is back in the spotlight. One of Canada's best known chefs is taking on a new role as "food concept architect," for the Cactus Club restaurant chain.
Feenie said the trend in restaurant culture is moving toward more casual dining and he's already shown his affinity for that with his ads for the kind of Whitespot Ltd.-style fast food that he grew up eating in Burnaby, B.C.

The Cactus Club is known for trendy but casual dining at its 17 restaurants across British Columbia and Alberta.

Feenie has taken on the Cactus Club role just two months after claiming that he was forced out of Lumiere and the adjacent Feenie's — restaurants he founded — by business partners, David and Manjy Sidoo.
-- Celebrity chef Feenie joins Cactus Club on, Tuesday February 5th 2008

Why is the used when the writer is referring to the chain of restaurants, not a specific location. If it really was The Cactus Club (which it isn't), wouldn't the subsequent sentence read, Feenie has taken on the The Cactus Club role... Do you think CBC - or anyone - would ever write, The Starbucks is known for (fill in the blank), when not talking about a specific location?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

just completed you plan. // How to Chose the Right

In one full-page ad, I find...
1) a testimonial error:
2) a product offer error with bizarre capitalisation:
3) bizarre capitalisation:
-- in at least 2 issues of Common Ground, including December 2007

Monday, February 4, 2008

"A Caring Community of Learners

-- Nightingale News, February & March 2008 issue

Today's lesson, class: When using quotation marks, always finish what you start.


1. the quality or state of being literate, esp. the ability to read and write.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

buss pass

[Donna Rose], who's studying American Sign Language and deaf studies [at Vancouver Community College], says financially pressed students would greatly benefit from cheaper transit. "It's so hard with what student loans are today. They are the highest in years. I was talking about it the other day with a friend in class and she actually had groceries she had to return because she had to buy her buss pass... she didn't have enough money left after getting food. I think she had four pizzas and had to return two," explained Rose.
-- Post-secondary students lobby for transit fee break in The Vancouver Courier, Friday February 1st 2008

Today a buss pass, tomorrow a coitus pass.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

commence & eMales

Here are some of my favourite comments and emails:

"...was short a T in the spelling of happen"
Shouldn't that T be a B?
[then, two minutes later...]
 > "...was short a T in the spelling > of happen"
> Shouldn't that T be a B?
It's cursed! P, it was supposed to be P!
(July 25, 2013)

Why is the mileage worse on the highway than in the city?
(February 9, 2013)

Yahoo has the worst writers. They're constantly screwing up the facts and they have only the faintest grasp on the English language. And they don't bother to spell-check.
(January 15, 2013)

Maybe the passes just went well with his outfit.
(August 9, 2012)

Good grief! I think I would have stopped reading after the second "then."
(July 24, 2012)

I'm still struggling with the wording: Find out everything you ever wanted to know.
It makes me think I discover the questions that I didn't know I had about Nickelback.
(April 25, 2012)

A message re: CBC web writing - SORRY!‏
Hello there,
Stumbled across your blog. Very embarrassing to read, as an employee of the CBC in Vancouver. Keep listing those terrible errors. I will bring this site to the attention of our web team.
(Email on March 18, 2012)

I didn't know it was legal to drive hands-free. I don't want to even think about what the driver is steering with.
(August 29, 2011)

Holy crap! Is it possible that the Canadian version of Yahoo is actually worse than the U.S. version? Wow. Just wow.
(June 1, 2011)

Nice man. Extremely informative post. I'll be sure to pass this along to my tech guys.
(June 1, 2011)

I feel like Surprise takes the back seat to a lot of spelling errors. After all, do you say the first R when you pronounce it?
(April 20, 2011)

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, you probably know how mind-numbing unemployment can be. Instead of just waiting around for the “perfect” job opportunity, you should just take a job that will get you by. A flexible part-time job means that you have the opportunity to check out new full-time jobs as they come up, but it also means you have something to stay busy and pay the bills. Delivering pizzas, mowing lawns, or walking dogs – none of these is beneath you. As long as you’re working to put food on the table and a roof overhead, you can be proud of your accomplishments. Learn more: employment tips
(February 9, 2011)

That's some of the worst writing I've ever read (and I read bad stuff every day). I love the "17 years dead" and wonder if her hometown is Clifford or if Clifford is the name of the cemetery in her hometown. Ugly, awkward, clumsy writing.
(January 22, 2011)

There has been a trend in recent years for employers to seek out increasingly specialised skills in their recruitment process. Think about what your specialist strengths are and how you could help an organisation by applying them. Then seek out opportunities that require these specialist skills. Although there may be a smaller number of jobs in your particular specialism, your chances of securing one of them are much better. Learn more: employment tips
(January 20, 2011)

Actually, WTF isn't an acronym since the letters don't produce a pronounceable "word."
(November 8, 2010)

Perhaps he was referring to the doors.
(October 27, 2010)

Thanks for correcting your spelling of "apostrophe" by inserting the "r".
(August 5, 2010)

Bar from the time appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated caused it all as I wanted to know the beauty that appeared here, I remember the interview with Letterman, thanks for the info.
(July 7, 2010)

One of the best and easiest ways to prevent impotence is through exercises. In most of the cases impotence is caused by lack of poor circulation of blood in the penile area. Exercises increase the quality and quantity of the blood that flows through male sexual organ. Men who exercise 4-5 hours a week have 30% less risk of having impotence.Impotence exercise is more effective than quitting smoking, drinking or losing weight. Exercise that gets the heart pumping is good for sexual health. It helps for blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease. Exercises like jogging, walking, running, an elliptical machine are quite effective exercises for prevention from impotence. Lower abdominal exercises are also effective, lower abdominal exercises increases blood flow in the lower body and also load the body with oxygen. More blood flow in the organ means increased energy in that organ. Exercise can produce wonderful results and help you overcome impotence naturally.
(May 19, 2010)

That's hysterical. How does something like that get passed the eyes of an editor or proofreader?
(January 29, 2010)

Looks like Yahoo! Canada employs the same brilliant editors as Yahoo! U.S. Or maybe they don't have any editors...
(December 28, 2009)

I'll comment on this post tomorrow.
(October 5, 2009)

You have too much free time don't you? just so you know it's perfectly FINE.
(September 5, 2009)

It makes sense when I imagine the stereotypical Italian Mobster saying it. "Y'know Vinnie...It's a wondehful life."
(August 14, 2009)

free online dating jion free
(June 16, 2009)

info on bad breathe here - Mind Your Breathe
(June 4, 2009)

I once lived on the twird floor... Yes, but I wish I could have afforded the thortieth floor pentalow.
(December 13, 2008)

A coitus pass. That's brilliant! Make it so, numbah one.
(February 18, 2008)