Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Cactus Club is known for...

Just weeks after he quit as executive chef of pricey Vancouver restaurants Lumiere and Feenie's, Rob Feenie is back in the spotlight. One of Canada's best known chefs is taking on a new role as "food concept architect," for the Cactus Club restaurant chain.
Feenie said the trend in restaurant culture is moving toward more casual dining and he's already shown his affinity for that with his ads for the kind of Whitespot Ltd.-style fast food that he grew up eating in Burnaby, B.C.

The Cactus Club is known for trendy but casual dining at its 17 restaurants across British Columbia and Alberta.

Feenie has taken on the Cactus Club role just two months after claiming that he was forced out of Lumiere and the adjacent Feenie's — restaurants he founded — by business partners, David and Manjy Sidoo.
-- Celebrity chef Feenie joins Cactus Club on, Tuesday February 5th 2008

Why is the used when the writer is referring to the chain of restaurants, not a specific location. If it really was The Cactus Club (which it isn't), wouldn't the subsequent sentence read, Feenie has taken on the The Cactus Club role... Do you think CBC - or anyone - would ever write, The Starbucks is known for (fill in the blank), when not talking about a specific location?

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