Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yahooooooooooooooooooooo! January 2014

It's the start of a new month! Which also means it's time for a blog post featuring all the errors that were detected on the Yahoo! Canada homepage during January 2014. Firstly, on January 1, Yahoo! kicked off the new year with a bang (a.k.a. an error) as what should have been evacuate was featured on both the homepage and the article's headline, where the error is still present. Then,

on January 5 there was this misspelling of Prairie. Then,

also on January 5, there was this misspelling of restrictions. Then,

also on January 5, there was an extra word in this blurb. Then,

on January 6 there was this American spelling of rumors, which I would have ignored but

at the exact same time, the homepage was also displaying this Canadian spelling of what's now rumours. Then,

also on January 6, the word of should have been between re-emergence and the. Then,

also on January 6, dos and don'ts doesn't accept extra apostrophes. Then,

on January 9 there was a doubling up of of. The homepage could've used the extra of a few days earlier. Then,

also on January 9, there was this obvious misspelling of McDonald's. As a bonus, in the bottom right corner is a misspelling of what should have been disaster. Then,

on January 11 there was a then that should have been than. Then,

also on January 11, Courteney Cox had her name misspelled. Clicking to the article,

readers could see that her name is also misspelled in the headline. Yet in the article itself her first name includes the missing E. The headline is still wrong. See it here: "Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry reunite on ‘Cougar Town’" on Yahoo! Canada omg on January 10, 2013. Then,

also on January 11, is Yahoo! asking us to wash the highlight? What does that mean? Me confused. Then,

again on January 11, Hilary Duff had an L added to her name. Then,

on January 12 a Yahoo! writer shows that their strengths don't include spelling or proofreading. Then,

on January 14 Courteney Cox had her first name misspelled again! As well, mistakened? Really? Next time how 'bout ya give mistook a try. And the first-name error wasn't just repeated once,

because it was simultaneously featured elsewhere on the homepage! Both links led to the same story,

in which her name is correct (hurray!) but in the video embedded in the article it's clear that Cox mentiones Jennifer Aniston - not Lisa Kudrow. (The article has been taken down. I searched for the headline "Courteney Cox's Embarrassing Celeb Encounter" and it gave me many results, but none of the links I tried took me to the correct article - there would be either an error message or entirely different content.) And finally,

on January 29, Yahoo! struggled mightily in its attempts to spell words correctly. First with the word struggling - at the top it's missing its L and at the bottom right it's missing its R. And then the struggle continues with the word tragedy, in the caption that's second from the left. That's all for this month - have a great February everyone! Click an image to enlarge it.

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