Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors - August & September 2013

It's time for a recap of the errors seen on the CBC BC homepage, and you're in luck! What you have in front of you is two months worth of errors wrapped up in one delicious post (but please don't try to eat your computer). First, on August 11 it was reported that there was a crash involving a cruise ship full of police officers. The huge news is that there's a cruise that visits Prince George (not the royal baby), because that's a remarkable feat when you consider how far that city is from the ocean. Then,

on August 22 there was the redundant use of both a dollar sign and the word dollars. Then,

that homepage sentence is still alive and well as the article's first sentence. ("'I can't believe my eyes' says Burnaby lottery winner" on CBC News online on August 22, 2013.)  Three short paragraphs later, there's a number that should be numbers and there's a number that shouldn't have had the word million after it. Then,

on August 30 there was a my that should have been by and a missing storm that should have been between lightning and last. Then,

on September 3 there should have been a been between have and working, and there shouldn't have been a space between games and the comma that followed it. Then,

on September 9 the word sex was missing from between non-consensual and with. Then,

on September 14 targetting (yet another nonword on a homepage) should have been targeting. Then,

on September 23 there was another nonword. Crikey. Cricitism should have been criticism. Then,

after clicking to the article ("Nanaimo newspaper letter draws First Nation's cricitism" on CBC News online on September 23, 2013), I saw that the headline was exactly the same. That obnoxious headline deserves all the criticism (C-R-I-T-I-C-I-S-M) everyone can muster. Nonwords on homepages, nonwords in headlines - nobody behind the scenes who cares? As you can see in the image, below the headline, the article was updated at least once after posting, yet the glaring error remained. Finally,

on September 26 there was a repeated the between to and governments. Click an image to enlarge it.

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