Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yahoooooooo! May 2013

Here are the errors from the Yahoo! Canada homepage that I detected during May 2013. First up, on May 7 there was a misspelling of tasteless. Then,

on May 8 there was a weird - and entirely wrong - placement of the apostrophe in what should have been couldn't. Then,

on May 9 there was, unsurprisingly, another misspelling resulting in a nonword. Then,

on May 12 there was another apostrophe error. This time the apostrophe shouldn't have been present at all. Then,

also on May 12, the writer gets an F for this misspelling of relief. Then,

on May 15 there was yet another misspelling resulting in yet another nonword. Then,

on May 19 the word employee is in the highlighted box at the bottom, but is missing from the top. Finally,

on May 31 the writer was unaware that there was a fare where there should have been a fair. Click an image to enlarge it.

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