Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors - May 2013

Here are the errors from the CBC British Columbia homepage during May 2013. For the first 19 days no errors were detected, but on May 20 prevents shouldn't have had that S. Then,

on May 22 there must've been three cars involved in this crash, right? It's a confusing way for the writer to have worded it, but what else could another other car mean? Then,

on May 29 identity should have been identify, and - you may want to be seated when I tell you this - kittens are cats. Shocking, I know. That CBC homepage sentence is also the first sentence of the linked-to article ("Tortured cat videos earn B.C. man 17-month sentence" on CBC News online on May 29, 2013), and later in the article,

there was a doubling up of man. Then,

also on May 29, it's clear that no spell check was used in the making of this sentence, because the misspelled avenue would have been fixed. Click an image to enlarge it.

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