Sunday, April 7, 2013

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors - March 2013

Here we are in a new month, looking back at an old month (March 2013) with a batch of new errors (from the CBC British Columbia homepage). Let's get to it. On March 3, it was Gastown once but not twice. Then,

on March 9, losing in hour's sleep on night in the spring should have been losing an hour's sleep one night in the spring. Then,

on March 12 the is and the second in both shouldn't have been there, and riot shouldn't have been capitalized. Clicking to that article,

this is how the first sentence once looked (at "Olympic hopeful boxer gets 45 days for Stanley Cup riot" on CBC News online on March 12, 2013). Now the is is gone, but the rest is the same. Then,

on March 13 the word for was uncalled for. That's all! Click an image to enlarge it.

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