Sunday, November 4, 2012

Errors in Prank Night

In July I listed the errors I detected in a book titled The Peep Diaries. Now, here are the errors I found in a book titled Prank Night. While I didn't detect as many errors as I did in The Peep Diaries, I still detected a lot.

P. 10: Despite himself, Johnny said, "Comic's aren't stupid, Dad."

P. 15: Once day, Mabel or no, he was going to take that damned box and burn it to ashes.

P. 16: His father's hadn't always been so mean to him.

P. 16: "You just be ready to call Chief Sinclair in case it gets me."
P. 34: Travis Sinclair chuckled and enfolded Ben in a great bear hug of an embrace.
P. 42: Chief of Police Travis Sinclar watched with regret as the green van left the cemetery.
P. 45: "I want to thank you for attending, Chief Sinclair. ..."

P. 133: Paxton tried to pry himself lose but the bigger man had a grasp of steel.

P. 141: ... a fact he had known all to well in high school.

P. 158: Jimmy yawned and stepped to the window in his bear feet, the cool floorboards making him break out in goose bumps.

P. 163: He rolled down the window so he could breath in the crisp morning air ...

P. 184: "I'd also like the special and three glazed donuts for desert."

P. 193: None of his few freinds did, nor any of his customers.

P. 228: "You're tongue is sharper than my knife, lady."

P. 253: A measely bear ...

P. 257: Ben choose his next words carefully in order not to come across as a raving lunatic.

P. 310: Who would ever have thought that he would live to encounter a living spawn striaght from hell.

P. 311: Buy if that was the case, it meant the Bible was completely true.

P. 333: He shook his his head, saying, "I didn't hear anything, son."

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