Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yahoooooooooo! September 2012

It's Yahoo! time! Here are the errors I detected on the Yahoo! Canada homepage during September 2012. First, on September 12, there was an extra the. Then,

also on September 12, there was yet another Dragons' Den gaffe. If Yahoo! is talking about Dragons' Den, you can bet good money the apostrophe is in the wrong place. Then,

I clicked to the article ("Beardo, a hat for beards, more popular than creator imagined" on Yahoo! Canada Shine on September 11, 2012) and first saw that the caption for the large top-of-article photo has the same error. Then,

the article's fourth sentence has the same error. Then,

a few paragraphs later there shouldn't be an apostrophe at the end of Phillips. Much worse, though, is the misspelling of what should be Stroumboulopoulos. That's awful. Then,

one final repeated apostrophe error in what should be Dragons' Den. Then,

on the homepage on September 13 there was inconsistent capitalization. There is often one line of about ten that is in all caps. I don't get it. Then,

on September 14 the inconsistent capitalization happened again. Then,

on September 19 the writer should have scanned for for extra words. Also, it's either two accents or zero accents in resume. Not just one. Then,

on September 21 there were two apostrophe errors in one sentence. Hatem Jahshan and Tonia Jahshan are together known as the Jahshans. And I'm pretty sure you can tell by now that Dragon's Den is wrong. Then,

I clicked to the article ("Steeped Tea success marks Dragon’s Den return" on Yahoo! Canada Finance on September 20, 2012) and there's the incorrect Dragon's Den right there in the headline. C'mon Yahoo! - it's Dragons' Den. The show's den has more than one dragon. It's really not hard to confirm the correct apostrophe placement online. Then,

in the article's second sentence the writer decided to drop both the S and the apostrophe altogether to create Dragon Den. Yahoo!, you're making it worse. Maybe click the link that you provided readers and see for yourself how the show's title is written. Check the large logo at the top left of the page. Then,

still in the article, woman should be women. Then,

again in the same article, the semicolon should be an apostrophe. Then,

the S and the apostrophe reappear in the show's title, but the title is still wrong. Then,

in the final posting from the article (woo!), the Jahshans shouldn't have an apostrophe and Arlene's last name is Dickinson. Then,

back to the homepage (woo!), also on September 21 readers were gifted an its/it's error. Then,

on September 23 there was a misspelling of revisit. Then,

on September 29 the word a should have been added in front of 30-year-old. Then,

on September 30 decieved should have been deceived. I followed a hunch that Ban Ki-Moon's name was wrong, looked it up, and his name is actually Ban Ki-moon. We're done! Click an image to enlarge it.

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