Sunday, October 7, 2012

CBC British Columbia homepagerrors - September 2012

Hello! I hope I find you feeling well. Though you might start feeling unwell as you work through the many errors I saw on the CBC British Columbia homepage during September 2012. On September 4 there was a missing I in what should have been Aquilini. Then,

on September 5 tired should have been tried. Then,

on September 8 32 year-old-man should have been 32-year-old man (note the hyphen change). Then,

after clicking to the article ("Port Moody shooting leaves 1 dead" on CBC News online on September 8, 2012), there was this bit of repetitive nonsense that a constable supposedly said. Then,

on September 10 there was a peculiar end to a news teaser. Then,

on September 11 going should have been gone. Then,

after clicking to the article ("Police search for missing woman from Trail, B.C." on CBC News online on September 11, 2012), I saw that Abbotsford was misspelled. The article has since been updated, but the extra T remains. Then,

on September 12 there was a double-decker two-fer. On top, plans should have been plan, and on bottom, Apple's should have been Apple. Both errors are also featured in the headlines of the linked-to articles. Then,

also on September 12 there was an extra out. Then,

on September 21 Alsaken should have been Alaskan. Finally,

 on September 25 there were a couple of repeated words. Can you see them? Click an image to enlarge it.

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