Saturday, March 28, 2009

teachers' pull support; Steven Lewis' AIDS charity; supports condom for preventing; Calgary Catholic Teachers Association; the teacher's orgnaization

-- "Calgary teachers pull support for AIDS fundraiser" on Sympatico / MSN News on March 28, 2009

The top image is a headline link from the Sympatico / MSN homepage; the apostrophe should not be there. The bottom two images are from the article. In the subheadline, it's Steven Lewis, yet later you can see it's Stephen Lewis. The latter is correct. Does the foundation support just one condom or should there be an s at the end of condom? Probably the latter. The subheadline has an apostrophe after Teachers in the association's name, but later it's absent. The apostrophe should be there. Then the association becomes teacher's orgnaization. Seriously? First there's the transposed n and a, but also the apostrophe is misplaced; why would the writer think that Teachers' Association could also be written as teacher's organization?

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