Wednesday, July 16, 2008

since it's completion; stair-like trail; idead of a good time

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Ever since it's completion in 1983, hikers from all around the world have taken on the challenge of the stair-like trail at Grouse Mountain, and although the venture up is gruelling, the view from the top is worth it.
Hiking the Grouse Grind every week for the past four years is Chris Yu's idead of a good time.
-- Grind a Vancouver icon in 24 Hours Vancouver, Wednesday July 16 2008

Corrections: since its completion; stairs-like trail; idea of a good time

idead of a good time? Is that foreshadowing? Urban Dictionary's sole definition of idead (with bonus error!) is:
An outstandingly stupid idea, which usually leads to somebody dieing.
"Well that was a terrible idead."
Well at least no one is dead as a result of the idead.

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